Quite precise! HUAWEI MateX2 hinge design exposed, using innovative materials

On the morning of February 20th, Huawei’s terminal official Weibo released the latest warm-up poster of Huawei’s MateX2, showing the upgrade of the key technology of the hinge. It is not difficult to find from the rendering that the internal structure of the new generation of folding flagship new hinge is quite sophisticated and complex. It can be known from the propaganda copy that the new hinge will also use innovative scientific and technological materials, but the specific material details have not been officially announced.

For a folding screen mobile phone, the three core technical points are flexible screen, system adaptation, and hinge structure. Among them, the hinge process is the most complicated and most challenging. The hinge will directly determine the user experience of the folding screen mobile phone, the core hard indicators such as opening and closing life.

In the early years, because the inward folding technology was not mature enough, Huawei’s folding screen phones all adopted the form of folding outwards, but this time Huawei MateX2 adopts the form of folding the screen inward. There are also other brands in the industry that have launched internal folding phones, but the details are not perfect. For example, the inner folding area cannot be completely closed, and the screen has more obvious creases.

The announced rendering of the Huawei Mate X2 hinge structure, ultra-precise internal structure design and innovative technology materials are expected to solve the problem of the inability to close the inner folding inside the industry before. This is also shown in the previous promotional posters. Prevent dust and particles from entering the screen and causing damage. Moreover, the mechanical structure of the new generation of hinges should be able to achieve fixed stepless opening and closing angle adjustment. The screen of the new machine adopts a wedge-shaped design with one side thick and one side thin, which means that it can be easily used on the desktop even when half-opened and closed. If it cooperates with a targeted development system, Huawei Mate X2 will have a lot of imagination in terms of productivity and entertainment experience.

Not only that, but reviewing Huawei’s recently exposed “Foldable Terminal Device” patent, this patent is mainly to improve the coordination of the flexible screen and the connection mechanism to prevent the screen from being stretched or squeezed during folding or unfolding. This is expected to solve the “old problem” that the folding screen will have obvious creases in long-term use.

Huawei’s mobile phone dared to change itself from folding outside to folding inside, which also shows that the company is confident in the power of the upcoming Huawei MateX2 product. The new machine will be officially released online at 20 o’clock on February 22. The chip of the folding screen should be Kirin 9000 5G SoC, the lens is expected to be upgraded significantly, and the standard telephoto is not impossible. In addition, the inward folding design also leaves the possibility for wired fast charging and high-power batteries. As the most sophisticated brand on the folding screen track, with two generations of mass-produced and marketed folding screen mobile phone research and development experience, Huawei MateX2 is worthy of users’ expectations.