R9 processor 2.8K screen! Lenovo YOGA S7Pro released

On August 19, it is believed that many friends who pay attention to notebooks are deeply impressed by Lenovo’s hot model “Xiaoxin Pro13″, especially its 16:10 2.5K screen, which has excellent display effects and also The vertical display content is more than the traditional 16:9, which is very helpful for web browsing and office work. Recently, YOGA Slim 7 Pro 14” brought a 16:10 screen and a higher performance standard Ryzen processor R9-4900H to meet you.

Similar to Dell XPS and HP’s Spectre, Lenovo YOGA is also its high-end thin and light series, with better workmanship and texture than the main cost-effective Xiaoxin series.

But unlike previous YOGA notebooks, this Slim7 Pro has also been upgraded to a 14-inch 16:10 screen. This wide and high screen also helps narrow the upper and lower borders. At the same time, it will also provide two specifications: 2880×1080 (Lenovo called 2.8K) 400nits, 2240×1400 (Lenovo called 2.2k) 300nits, both specifications support 100% srgb, Dolby Vision, DC dimming. Nowadays, more and more manufacturers are beginning to try wide and high screens, which may become the trend of thin and light notebooks in the future.

In terms of configuration, this 14-inch lightweight notebook weighs 1.45kg and is as thin as 14.6mm. It is equipped with a standard Ryzen processor with 45W power. R5-4600H, R7-4800H, R9-4900H; 8GB or 16GB dual channel LPDDR4X memory; 61Wh battery (nominal battery life of 17 hours); keyboard with 1.3mm key range; support IR face recognition, 2X2 WIFI6 network card; interface equipped with two full-featured USB-C (support PD charging and video output) and a USB3 .2Gen1.

It is reported that this product will be available in Europe as early as this month, starting at £799.