Real camera exposure of ZTE's new under-screen camera: the effect is more perfect and will be unveiled soon

On February 19, ZTE officially announced that it will showcase the new second-generation mass-produced under-screen camera technology at MWC 2021, and will also launch the world’s first under-screen 3D structured light technology.

Naturally, new products equipped with these technologies have become the focus of attention. Combining related revelations and hints from Ni Fei, President of ZTE’s Terminal Business Unit, ZTE’s Axon30 series seems to be on the way.

And just this afternoon, Ni Fei posted a real picture of the suspected ZTE Axon30 series. According to the picture, the second-generation mass-produced under-screen camera technology of ZTE Axon30 series is more mature, and the visual effect of the bright screen is much better. Looking at the enlarged picture, the ZTE Axon30 series screen shows that even the details of the hair roots can be seen clearly.

Recalling the previous generation of ZTE’s under-screen camera products, although the front camera is hidden, there will be an obvious grille effect in the area, which affects the visual perception of the screen. It is also true that ZTE’s under-screen camera phones have not caused much disturbance.

In addition, a protective seal is added to the edge of the new machine, so it is not known whether it is equipped with a curved screen or a straight screen.

MWC 2021 is about to open tomorrow, ZTE is very likely to show this brand new ZTE Axon30 mobile phone, the effect will be known.