Real exposure of Huawei maimang 9

As the new product release time of maimang 9 is approaching, more and more information about the new machine is revealed, and we are more and more looking forward to the performance of this new opportunity. Today, the official released the third countdown poster. As you can see, maimang 9 not only supports 5g dual-mode full Netcom, 64 million HD three shot, but also carries a 6.8-inch Full HD screen.

As a product jointly launched by Huawei and China Telecom, it not only has the operator gene, but also pays attention to the needs of young users. Since its birth, Huawei maimang has been targeted at new employees and ideal students. With its excellent cost performance and comprehensive functions, it is also deeply loved by many other consumers.

According to the poster, maimang 9 has a 6.8-inch screen, the front camera is located in the upper left corner of the screen, and the hole diameter is not large, which should be a good thing for people who don’t like the water drop screen. Moreover, the large screen can enhance the user experience in common scenes such as drama and games. Therefore, the 6.8-inch screen will be very attractive to consumers.

In terms of data, maimang 9 supports dual-mode (NSA / SA) 5g network, its fuselage thickness is 8.9mm, its weight is 212g, and it supports 22.5w fast charging. Available in three colors: gradient, pink and black. Not surprisingly, this blue and pink gradient should be designed with cherry snow and clear sky.

Combined with previous revelations, Mai mang 9’s front camera is 16 million pixels. In terms of appearance, the screen is LCD screen with fingerprint design on the side. By then, Huawei’s emui model will be pre installed, and users will be able to enjoy the powerful operation of the emui 10.1 system.

Last year, maimang 8 released this product with a maximum of 128GB of large storage and rear three camera. Combined with the 24 megapixel main camera, 16 million pixel ultra wide angle lens, 2 million pixel depth of field lens and AI technology that Huawei has always adhered to, maimang 8 has brought consumers a “full field of view” photography experience. The main camera of maimang 9 is further upgraded to 64 million pixels, which fully shows the continuous upgrading of maimang Series in photography.

In the past two days, digital blogger @ Chang’an digital Jun also exposed a real photo, because one step verified that the product that the Ministry of industry and information technology had access to the Internet a while ago was maimang 9. According to the photos exposed, the back design of Mai mang 9 tends to be mellow, belonging to a more traditional style.

Based on the above, maimang 9 should be aimed at new employees, students and consumers in third, fourth and fifth tier cities who want to experience 5g network, so the price should not be too high.

If you want to know more about this entry-level 5g product, you can lock in the Jingdong & quot; super launch & quot; on July 27 at 15:30 to watch the online launch of Huawei maimang 9 5g new product.