Real Graphene announces commercial graphene battery, 5G mobile phone battery life will be greatly improved

Graphene batteries are undoubtedly one of the main directions for the development of battery materials, but due to cost issues, they have been difficult to commercialize. Recently, Real Graphene of Los Angeles, USA announced that it will provide graphene batteries for smart phones and other devices, and open the commercialization of graphene batteries. At present, as 5G communication begins to spread, the endurance performance of mobile phones is facing huge challenges, and graphene batteries are expected to improve the status quo.

Compared with traditional batteries, graphene batteries have the advantages of high conversion rate and high durability. For example, it also uses 60W power for charging, and a 3000mAh graphene battery can be fully charged in 20 minutes. The normal battery charge and discharge cycle is only 300 ~ 500 times, and the graphene battery has reached about 1500 times, which can greatly extend the battery life.

Of course, the problem of higher cost of graphene batteries has not been completely solved, and it is still about 30% higher than the cost of ordinary batteries.

Real Graphene revealed that they are in talks with manufacturers and mobile power companies to get enough orders. According to the speed of development, mass production will begin within a year. However, Real Graphene has applied graphene batteries to its own mobile power supply. This mobile power supply has been sold on Amazon. It has a capacity of 10000mAh and is equipped with a 60W charger. It can be fully charged in 55 minutes. External support for three devices charging at the same time, single port up to 22.5W, three ports up to 50W.