Real me and new media of people’s daily launched co branded mobile phone gift box

It was reported on August 4 that realme and the new media of people’s daily jointly launched the & quot; future from you & middot; Ollie to & quot; real me V5 co branded mobile phone gift box. The gift box is mainly in the color of “yellow” color of realme brand, which conveys the courage and positive energy of “dare to be true”.


Today, the people’s Daily has launched a micro blog to encourage young students to move forward bravely and work hard for their dreams. Every & quot; true Youth & quot; is encouraged to charge themselves well in the summer vacation to meet the challenges in the future. It calls on all of you to improve yourself when you are young and work hard together to give it together! At the same time, realme, together with Harbin Engineering University, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chongqing University, University of Electronic Science and technology, Shenzhen University, Southern University of science and technology, Chang’an University, Guangxi University for Nationalities and China Civil Aviation Flight Institute, sent out the invitation of “I’m waiting for you at University” at station B, cheering for the youth of generation Z who dare to pursue their dreams and choose!

&”The future will be given by you & middot; Ollie & quot; real me V5 co branded mobile phone gift box, with 5g flash charging mobile phone & mdash; & mdash; & quo; flash charging Ollie to & rdquo; zhenwo V5 as the main character, equipped with slogan stickers from realme design studio with various accessories and positive energy.



&”The protagonist of the gift box” inherits the true me fashion design. It has 30W smart flash charging, which can listen to music for 5 hours in 3 minutes. It supports fast charging on the bright screen and charging while playing. It can charge 5000mAh super large battery to 100% in 65 minutes.