Real wireless headset HAKII SWIFT Harbin Ranger experience, help you by surprise

Whenever it is a holiday, many friends should spend more time playing games. Mobile games have become popular in recent years. To get a more comfortable gaming experience, a TWS true wireless headset should be an indispensable equipment. At present, for most friends, they should be more inclined to entry-level headphones within 500, and there are many choices in this range on the market.

Some time ago, I started a Harbin Ranger true wireless gaming headset. Harbin HAKII itself is also a domestic brand, but it is very popular in the international market. In the past two years, it has also launched many cost-effective products in China. , This Harp Ranger is one of them. The design and workmanship of this headset are relatively good, and it also has a good performance in delay control.

The packaging design of this headset is relatively simple. The above briefly introduces some features of this headset. For players who value appearance, the contrast design of this headset should also be very attractive. At present, this headset is black and white. For the two color schemes, I started with the black one. The combination of black and orange is very beautiful and also looks more vibrant.

Harbin Ranger provides a complete range of accessories, including silicone ear caps of different sizes, and a charging cable for the USB-C port, as well as storage bags, manuals, and more. I feel that the accessories of this headset are also very good and comfortable to use.

The workmanship of this earphone itself is also very meticulous, and the details are handled well. The color matching of the charging box and the surface of the earphone adopts the UV paint process. The feel is very delicate, and it is also relatively stain resistant, and it is not easy to fade. It will look relatively new. This headset has a single battery life of 5 hours, and the charging box can get a total of 20 hours of battery life.

The volume of the earphone itself is not too big, the charging box is also designed with a magnetic opening and closing, and supports the feature of opening and connecting. After pairing once, the back opening will automatically connect with the phone, which is more convenient to use. In addition, there are four LED lights on the outside of the charging box, which can display the current power state more intuitively.

In order to obtain better low-latency performance, this headset is equipped with a PixArt main control chip, which can use PixArt GreenRadio technology to achieve a stable and low-latency connection effect, and the delay can be controlled between 60 to 90ms in game mode. Range, which is considered a very good performance among similar products.

Therefore, after wearing this headset and entering the game mode through the three-click touch button, we can easily obtain the effect of audio and video synchronization. In addition, this headset performs well in the stereoscopic and sound details. We are in the game You can perceive the opponent’s dynamics faster, so you can react faster and improve your chances of winning.

In the actual game operation, the Harp Ranger can optimize various details such as footsteps and vehicle sounds in the game through the EQ surround sound algorithm, and at the same time achieve more accurate spatial restoration, so we can more easily realize the audio defense Position, so as not to ignore the opponent’s movements because of the headset problem.

In addition, in terms of music playback, this headset has also made a lot of optimizations in its configuration. The hardware uses DLC-type diamond diaphragms and uses Daikoku pure copper voice coils imported from Japan. In this way, in terms of music performance, the Harbin Ranger It can provide a more balanced three-frequency effect, and the treble will appear more crisp, and the details of farming and beating can be obtained in the restoration of the human voice, and the low frequency will not appear boring.

Therefore, in daily use, whether it is listening to music or playing games, the performance of this Harp Ranger is relatively satisfactory. Compared with the headphones of the same price, it will look more refined, and its overall workmanship is not like a lot. Similar products are so rough, and the hand feel and wearing comfort are well controlled, which can bring us a more comfortable experience in daily use.

Usually when we go out, we should all need the noise reduction function of the headset. The Harbin Ranger adopts the ENC four-wheat noise reduction technology, so that in daily use, we can reduce the engine sound and traffic noise when talking. Wait for common noises to get a clearer vocal call effect, and in the game, it can also achieve a cleaner voice dialogue performance, so when outdoors, we can also communicate clearly with teammates in the game, thus greatly improving the game Operating experience in.

Generally speaking, as a kind of entry-level true wireless headset, Harbin Ranger is more exquisite from detailed design to sound effects. It does not have the common roughness of headphones at the same price, so in daily use, we except In addition to getting better sound quality, it will be more comfortable to use. And this headset also has IPX5 waterproof capability, which is also very suitable for outdoor sports. If you just need a headset with a strong gaming experience, then the Harper Ranger should be a choice worth considering.