Real Xiaomi Folding Screen Exposure: Clear creases, equipped with MIUI 12

Folding screens have been available for some time. At present, except for Samsung’s Galaxy Fold series, other manufacturers’ folding screens have not really achieved mass production. Recently, an unreleased folding screen product of Xiaomi has been exposed on the Internet again, causing heated discussion.

Judging from the exposed pictures, this folding device is running Xiaomi’s MIUI 12 system. It is not clear which version it is, but it is indeed the MIUI system.

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On the front, the creases of this folding device of Xiaomi are quite obvious, and the look and feel under the white interface is worse. This also makes sense, after all, even Samsung has not been able to solve the problem of folding screen creases. In addition, Xiaomi’s folding device does not have a screen hole on the front, and there may be other designs for the camera.

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Some students may notice that the frame of Xiaomi’s folding device is relatively large and slightly abrupt. This is actually a protective case. Generally, new phones that have not been released will do such protection to prevent leaks.

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It is worth mentioning that as early as last year, Xiaomi showed its own folding screen products, but it did not adopt such an inward fold design, but a three-fold design with a more complex process. Therefore, this device may still be an engineering machine, and it is still unknown whether it can be launched.

There is no more information about the folding screen mobile phone of Xiaomi, and interested students can pay attention to the follow-up exposure.