Realize true "zero crease"! OPPO X 2021 scroll screen concept machine shocked debut

At the "OPPO Future Technology Conference 2020" on November 17, OPPO released a concept phone OPPO X 2021 that attracted widespread attention from the public. The new screen form not only allows the phone to expand in a softer and smoother way, Put it away, but also realized the "zero crease" screen display effect, the experience is quite amazing.

OPPO X 2021 uses a stepless OLED flexible scroll screen with a minimum of 6.7 inches and a maximum of 7.4 inches. Thanks to the "zero-crease" screen display, when the screen is automatically stretched, OPPO X 2021 has a scroll-like free stretch The display effect.

Compared with the folding screen, the retractable feature of the scroll screen makes it much more difficult, and it is very difficult to realize it, let alone "zero crease". In order to make the OPPO X 2021 screen unfold more smoothly, OPPO adopts the leading "Roll Motor" power scheme, which uses two built-in drive motors to output a constant force, so that the uniform force allows the screen to unfold and unfold more naturally. Put it away and at the same time play an effective role in protecting the screen.

On this basis, OPPO X 2021 has a built-in pulley bearing that allows the screen to move along the central axis. The 6.8mm diameter of the pulley bearing is closer to the bending diameter of the OLED flexible screen under force. The addition of pulleys can ensure that the screen bends more. It is smooth and does not produce creases, and finally brings a "zero crease" screen display effect.

In addition, in order to ensure that the scroll screen is flat and unfolded, OPPO has innovatively added a dual matrix embedded clutch structure. Two pallets on the left and right are designed inside the fuselage, which can effectively support the screen regardless of whether the screen is folded or unfolded. Brings a smoother display. At the same time, OPPO also added a new "dynamic frame". When the screen is dragged, the sliding frame and the back glass battery cover will move with the screen, further allowing the screen to be reliably protected.

It is worth mentioning that when the scroll screen is designed, the increase in the thickness of the screen module will increase the resilience of the screen when it is bent, making it more difficult for the screen to bend, and the perfect "zero crease" cannot be obtained. To this end, OPPO X 2021 is equipped with a self-developed "screen dynamic zone frame stack". The side looks like a tank track, with a thickness of only 0.1mm, but with extremely high strength and linear etching on the surface of the laminate. The pattern greatly reduces the resilience of the screen module.

Through the leading "Roll Motor" power solution, dual matrix embedded clutch structure, "screen dynamic area frame stacking" and other technologies, OPPO has created this breakthrough experience "zero-crease" concept phone OPPO X 2021, Not only has it brought a more interesting and stunning new screen experience to our consumers, it has also added a shining touch to OPPO's exploration of mobile phone terminal forms.