Really full screen should be popular! Xiaomi's new patent allows the use of "proactive under the screen" on the thousand yuan phone

Since Xiaomi MIX created the era of full-screen mobile phones, various manufacturers have continuously upgraded mobile phone screens, introducing solutions such as notch screens and digging screens, which have maximized the front screen ratio, but they have not been able to achieve real Full screen.

The biggest obstacle is the front camera, but due to the current consumer's reliance on video calls and other functions, it is impossible to directly cancel the proactive. Before this, some manufacturers have introduced a lift-type proactive, which can be lifted physically. The proactive camera was hidden inside the fuselage, but it brought many shortcomings and was eventually activated.

Now, the only hope can only be placed on the under-screen camera technology, but at present, the development of under-screen cameras, whether in the screen panel, camera, algorithm, etc., is very resource intensive, so it can only be hoped to be equipped on flagship products. And the price is expensive, and it is difficult for many consumers to enjoy it.

To this end, Xiaomi has brought a brand new patent that will effectively balance the trade-off between proactive under the screen and the price.

According to LetsgoDigital, Xiaomi received a patent authorization from the European Patent Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office last month. The patent document is titled "The camera lens behind the mobile terminal display connected to the front through a light guide", which can integrate the front camera into At the edge of the bottom of the screen, the integrity of the front full screen is guaranteed.

According to the patent description, this technology can place the proactive camera under the screen, and then connect it to the black border above the screen through a special "pipe", which can achieve the imaging effect in a very small opening, and this technology The cost of implementation is much lower than that of under-screen proactive.

If Xiaomi can achieve mass production of this technology, then it will realize a true full-screen solution on more affordable models in the future, which is worth looking forward to.