Realme celebrated its 2nd anniversary, creating "Dare to Be Real" with global fans

Realme, the world’s fastest-growing smartphone brand, held its first “828 Global Fan Festival” on August 28 for 45 million fans around the world, allowing more young people around the world to experience smart life. On August 28, which is also the birthday of the second anniversary of the realme brand, Li Bingzhong, the founder and CEO of realme, issued a letter to all employees, demonstrating the transcript of realme’s leapfrog growth and global breakthrough. realme will also bring the most discounted double 11 event for realme fans throughout the year. Dare to play with each user and celebrate the brand’s second birthday together.

Gathering real fans from all over the world, “Dare to be me”, interpret the realme leapfrog spirit

In order to encourage young users around the world to “dare to be true”, realme launched the “Dare to be____” T-shirt word-filling interactive activity for fans around the world, and collected thousands of fan stories. The official WeChat account of the realme mobile phone launched a Weibo interaction, encouraging fans to shout out their “Dare to be true, Dare to ___” declaration, turning their inner desires into “dare” motivation, and “dare to be true” together. Many fans share their personal experiences and respond to how they resonate with the realme brand value, and dare to break through when facing adversity and challenges. Realme selected 9 stories from real fans and shot them into videos to show the realme fans’ “dare to be true” spirit. In the future, Realme will create a “True Sponsor” program to support young users to fulfill their wishes.

Realme has always insisted on playing with young people around the world to build a younger brand. Contemporary young people dare to pursue themselves. Only when the brand truly understands young people, resonates with them, and does what they love and desire to do with them, can they gain their love and recognition. Realme launched the “fashion marketing” around the world to show the personality and attitude of realme’s young trendy games with the trendy gameplay that young people love, and encourage young people to be brave to be true to themselves. This “Dare to Be Real” event is a typical example of realme’s commitment to playing with young people.

Dare to play, dare to surpass, the way to win with realme

It is particularly worth mentioning that realme has focused on the global market from the very beginning. In just two years, the market has been distributed in more than 60 different regions. The rapid growth of realme is due to its high degree of localization and in-depth understanding of target consumers. At the same time, direct contact with consumers through the mode of light assets and short channels has also accelerated the development of the brand.

As a latecomer to the global diversified market, realme must have a deep insight into the needs of users in order to quickly establish a brand and attract target customers. Li Bingzhong, founder and CEO of realme, said: “We have built a localized team from scratch in the local area to convey our spirit of’dare to leapfrog’ to young people. This brand proposition that transcends culture can win the resonance of young people around the world. , Is also the key to realme’s rapid expansion in 61 markets.”

Realme’s market positioning is clear, and its target customers are young consumers who prefer leapfrog performance and trendy designs. They do not pursue excessive consumption, but also value quality.

Li Bingzhong emphasized: “Realme is growing very fast because we stick to our vision: to build a smart, smart and fun life for young people around the world. We have consistently adhered to our original aspirations and thus won trust, which is especially important for young companies.”

Realme’s young users’ demand for mobile phones is never just “price” but “value”. Realme has always adhered to its original intention and strives for perfection, bringing young users high-quality products with leapfrog performance and fashionable design. Responding to the needs of target users, realme, as a trend pioneer in 5G technology, is one of the first smartphone brands to implement 5G functions. It has brought realme X50 5G, realme X50 Pro 5G and other products, fully cut into 5G, and is committed to providing young users Provide 5G products that are’dare to leapfrog’.

In order to meet the next challenge, realme has entered the AIoT market at the beginning of the year, and plans to launch more than 100 AIoT products by 2021. This demonstrates the ambition of realme to quickly seize the AIoT market in the context of economic globalization. Li Bingzhong said in the open letter: “It took us two years to prove that a new brand can also have opportunities. This is just the beginning. There are endless possibilities in the future. Let us continue forward with the spirit of daring to leapfrog.”