Realme exhibits at MWC to release Snapdragon 865 + LDPPR5 flagship

On February 7th news, realme India CEO Madhav Sheth announced on Twitter that realme will participate in this MWC 2020, which is also the first time realme has participated in MWC. At the meeting realme will release a series of new products such as smart phones and AIoT.

According to the information previously exposed, the model that realme will release this time will be named X50 Pro. It will be equipped with LPDDR5 memory. As the flagship SOCs that support LPDDR5 memory are only Snapdragon 865 and Orion 990, according to the previous generations of realme products using Snapdragon processors, the realme X50 Pro will be equipped with Snapdragon 865 processors.

Considering that the previous generation of realme X2 Pro uses 50W super flash charging technology, the charging power of X50 Pro released this time is at least 50W, of course, the possibility of 55W or even 65W is not ruled out. At the same time, the characteristics of high-refresh screens should be maintained.

In addition, realme will also show the new AloT products at the conference. According to the previous realme brand chief marketing officer Francis Wang, the news revealed that realme’s first smart TV is ready and will be officially unveiled at the upcoming MWC 2020 exhibition. However, it will take some time to enter the Chinese market, and it will be the first to be sold to the Indian market.

In addition, other products such as Bluetooth headsets and smart Bands will also meet consumers at the MWC 2020 exhibition.