Realme mobile phone naming jumped from V5 to V15, the vice president explained the naming rules

Realme will release its new product V15 on January 7.

Realme V15 is the successor of realme V5. Jumping from V5 to V15, realme users are a little puzzled.

On the evening of January 4, Xu Qi, vice president of realme, explained the naming rules of the realme V5 series.

Xu Qi said that the realme V5 series is positioned at 1500-2000 yuan (USD $214) gear, and the naming rule is V5→V15→V25→and so on.

The realme V3 series is positioned at 1000-1500 yuan (USD $143) gear, named V3→V13→V23→and so on.

The realme V15 released this time is the second model of the realme 5 series. It is jointly created by realme and the "National Treasure" IP, and is named realme V15.

The design of this machine is inspired by the "Wenyu" in the famous Chinese painting "Luo Shen Fu Tu" , which is the prototype of modern Koi.

It is reported that realme V15 adopts a non-spectral gradient color design, rearranging the colors of the three different bands of red, yellow, and blue, combined with the color mixing process of multi-layer nano-level optical coating, presenting a colorful gradient and layer by layer Transparent, bright without losing texture.

In terms of specifications, the realme V15 uses an AMOLED full screen, may be equipped with MediaTek Dimensity 800U, and the rear main camera is 64 million pixels.