Realme Moon Landing Plan Exposure: Won No. 1 Online in Three Years

On June 21, the well-known digital blogger @数码闲聊站 published a Weibo that exposed realme’s internal moon landing plan. It can be seen that after realme got the top 2 sales of Android phones of 618, realme’s ambitions have also become greater-it will strive to win the first place online in three years.

According to the data, before the start of the 618 promotion on June 1st, Realme achieved a good start, and won the top 2 sales of JD mobile phone brand Android, and maintained this result until the end of the 618 promotion, becoming the number one growth rate in this year’s 618. Brand. At the same time, on June 16th, the goal of 618 million sales was reached ahead of schedule. Popular models such as the Truewo GT Neo and the Truewo Q3 have become popular products of the 618.

Various achievements showed explosive growth momentum, so there was the “Moon Landing Plan” at Realme’s internal celebration party: it won the first place online in three years. As for why it is called the “Moon Landing Program,” guessing probably means that this goal is very difficult, but it is not impossible to complete. It can be seen that the online market will usher in a stronger competitive situation.

According to various data, realme is indeed very strong, but the domestic mobile phone market is still relatively bloody. I hope realme will continue to work hard to create more good products for us.