Realme new machine equipped with 65W charging head or can charge laptop

On February 14, Xu Qi, vice president of realme, revealed on the Internet that realme will also have a charger using gallium nitride, which is not only small in size but also 65W in power. The realme X2 Pro, released a year ago, uses 50W SuperVOOC flash charging technology. It is reasonable to upgrade to 65W this time.

According to another realme executive, the 65W fast charge equipped is named SuperDart, and the new name may mean new features are added.

When the mobile phone’s charging power reaches 65W, we can’t help thinking: Can the mobile phone charger be used for the computer? Until the release of Xiaomi 10 Pro yesterday, although the mobile phone supports 50W fast charging, Xiaomi directly comes with a 65W charger, so that the mobile phone notebook charger can be used with one.

The exposed realme X50 Pro charger is revealed to support the PD protocol, but it is unclear whether the specific charging of the notebook can reach 65W. However, according to the official statement from realme, the realme X50 Pro will hold an online conference on February 24, Madrid time, and we will be able to find out.