Realme Q2 series release price as low as 998 yuan (USD $143)

On October 13th, realme officially launched the Realme Q2, Realme Q2 Pro and Realme Q2i series phones. At the same time, realme also brought a series of new Alot products. The realme Q series is specially designed for big promotion. The main price and performance are double leap. Among them, the realme Q2 is a high-brush performance with a price of 1,000 yuan (USD $143) , and the realme Q2 Pro is a uniquely designed high-profile Lightweight and flash-charged mobile phones, Q2i brings the price of 5G mobile phones to 998 yuan (USD $143) .


TrueWo Q2 Pro has brand new light gray, plain leather and C-bit color in two stylish and cool colors. The light gray is made of Vegan Leather environmentally friendly plain leather material; the thickness of the whole machine is only 8.1 mm, and the weight is only 8.1 mm. Only 175 grams.


Realme Q2 is equipped with the latest high-performance 5G chip-Dimensity 800U, equipped with a 120Hz ultra-high refresh rate smooth screen. The TrueWo Q2 Pro is equipped with a 6.43-inch Samsung Super AMOLED full screen, with a 180Hz ultra-high sampling rate, and supports a new generation of light-sensitive screen fingerprints. In terms of battery life, the TrueWo Q2 is equipped with the best 30W smart flash charge in its class, and a 5000mAh super-capacity battery. The TrueWo Q2 Pro is equipped with a flagship 65W smart flash charge, which can charge a 4300mAh battery in 33 minutes.

The double 11 surprise prices of each version of the Truewo Q2 series are respectively. The Truewo Q2 comes in 4GB+128GB and 6GB and 128GB versions, with a starting price of 1199 yuan (USD $171) ; the Truewo Q2 Pro has a total of 8GB+128GB and 8GB+256GB. The starting price of the version is 1599 yuan (USD $228) ; the real Q2i is as low as 998 yuan (USD $143) .


Realme also released a series of new Alot products: the new "noise reduction brothers"-Realme BudsAir Pro and Realme Buds Wireless Pro; a new generation of 65WGaN super flash charging kit; Realme electric toothbrush M1; and Realme smart camera (pan-tilt version) ).

From now on, realme will start a one-month surprise promotion. First launch the "Sahuan New Product Ceremony" annual blockbuster event in Huantai Mall, which is the first to bring multiple discounts and surprises; from 0:00 on October 19, the real self Q2 series will be launched on major e-commerce platforms for double 11 preemptive purchases and offers Double 11 full price guarantee, enter Double 11 early. Among them, TrueWo Q2 will be launched on and other platforms, QQ Speed mobile game limited gift box will be exclusively sold on JD Cube, and TrueWo Q2Pro will be launched on Tmall and other platforms.