Realme refutes rumors, and there is no Snapdragon 860 version

Recently, overseas netizens @ishanagarwal24 broke the news on Twitter that realme will have a new model of realme X7 Pro player version equipped with Snapdragon 860 processor. This news aroused an official discussion among netizens for a while. Does Qualcomm have to follow Huang’s knife method? However, Wang Wei, vice president of realme, quickly posted on Weibo that realme does not have a Snapdragon 860 version.

But what is interesting is that Wang Wei did not directly deny the Snapdragon 860 processor. The news about the Snapdragon 860 began at the beginning of this month, and many digital bloggers said that the performance of this processor is between the Snapdragon 855+ and the Snapdragon 865. The processor is the same as the Snapdragon 865 in that it adopts a 7nm process and retains a complete 5G module. The performance is relatively strong and the price will be more affordable.

Previous revelations said that the first model of the Snapdragon 860 may be Ace3, or Xiaomi’s new phone. Therefore, when @ishanagarwal24 said that realme first released the Snapdragon 860, netizens also had some surprises.

Since Wang Wei did not directly deny the Snapdragon 860 processor, does the Snapdragon 860 exist? If it exists, which brand will be the first? It has become a new puzzle.