Realme releases true wireless headphones: 449 yuan (USD $64) + industry-leading noise reduction effect

On the morning of October 13th, Realme held a new product launch conference and released the new true wireless noise-cancelling headset-Realme Buds Air Pro, which is priced at 449 yuan (USD $64) and will be officially launched on October 19.

In terms of core functions, the Real Me Buds Air Pro supports ANC dual active noise reduction technology, which can detect unwanted noise and external sound waves in the ear through feedforward and feed-back microphones, and emit high-precision anti-noise waves to offset them , In order to achieve an excellent noise reduction effect, it is reported that its noise reduction effect has reached the industry-leading 35dB.

Another core function of the True Me Buds Air Pro is the transparent mode. When the user needs to communicate with people around, the transparent mode can bring real and clear sound through the microphone, and the user can easily and easily Talk without worry. In addition, the headset also has a built-in exclusive customized realme S1 intelligent noise reduction chip, which can bring low power consumption and stable connection.

In terms of battery life, the real Buds Air Pro has a built-in 486mAh battery that can listen for 5 hours at a time when the active noise reduction mode is turned on. And it also supports fast charging, and it can bring 3 hours of battery life when the charging compartment and the headset are charged together for 10 minutes.