Realme X7 series official announced on September 1st that all high-brush series will be released or 65W flash charging will be popularized

Home of iMobile, after a wave of warming up on August 19, the realme X7 series finally officially announced that it will be officially released at 14:00 on September 1, and Xu Qi, the vice president of realme, directly called it As “the thinnest/best-looking realme phone so far”, the new products include at least the realme X7 and X7 Pro, both of which use OLED single-hole screens. The official poster also directly marked the large “120Hz” directly on the Above the screen.

In fact, the official ID photos of the new products have appeared on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently. Both products use a rear lens matrix arrangement, or 65W flash charging will be further popularized. At the same time, the realme X7 and X7 Pro products will adopt a thin and light design. Of course, Because of this, the battery capacity of the two mobile phones will be controlled between 4000-4500mAh, most likely 4200mAh. Compared with other large battery models, the advantage is that the charging is faster, but the battery life of a single full charge will be slightly shorter.

In addition, Xu Qi also posted this morning saying that realme has sorted out the product line, and the core naming of the product will return to the “series + unit number” method (X, X2, X7, etc.), including realme V5 including V The series will focus on battery life leapfrogging, while the classic X series will clearly focus on design leapfrogging. A clearer product sequence is of course a good thing for users, but I don’t know if there will be a sequel update in the 5G era for the realme Q series, which has a high cost-effective price of 100 yuan (USD $14) .