Recycle treasure announced the first place of ten diving kings in 2020?

What do you value most when you buy a mobile phone? Besides, when is the best time to buy a mobile phone? Some people think that they should buy new machines as soon as they come out. Others think that they can wait longer and lower the price. On August 11, recycling treasure released the list of top 10 diving kings of new aircraft in 2020. Let’s have a look.

recycled treasure

The diving index is the result of (1 – current selling price / selling price) / selling months × 100. Recycle treasure selects the mainstream models on sale in the domestic market in 2020, and calculates the diving index to get the top 10 models. According to the results released by recycle treasure, the top three models on the list are redmi k30i, redmi K30 pro and redmi k305g speed version, with diving indexes of 12.23, 7.03 and 6.85 respectively, and redmi three models directly occupy the top three in the list.

2020 top 10 diving Kings

The next four to ten were Honor 30s (5.84), oppo ACE2 (5.75), vivo Z6 (5.38), vivo S6 (5.37), redmi K30 Pro zoom (5.16), Xiaomi 10 Youth Version (4.90) and Samsung S20 (4.86). Have you used the above ten models?