Red Devils 5G mobile phone review: a magic weapon for playing games

With the popularity of e-sports culture, the game industry has developed rapidly in recent years, and the corresponding mobile game market has become more and more concerned. Game phones that have only appeared in the past two years have also been recognized by more and more users. In the domestic market, the Nubian Red Devils are the first manufacturers to launch e-sports mobile phones. Recently, Nubia launched a new Red Devils 5G gaming phone. Today we will look at the new Red Devils 5G games under the blessing of the 5G network. How the phone performs.


The packaging of the Red Devils 5G gaming phone is very different from the past, and the Cyberpunk-style packaging box gives us a bright look. The Red Devils 5G game phone has different styles of packaging, each of which has been carefully drawn by the illustrator, so that you can feel the difference between the Red Devils 5G game phone and the traditional mobile phone before you open the phone again.

As a flagship mobile phone, the Red Devils 5G gaming phone naturally performs well in core configurations. Snapdragon 865 + X55, LPDDR5, UFS 3.0, WiFi 6, dual-mode 5G and many other hot spots this year. Of course, this is only a standard configuration. What really opens up the gap between regular flagship phones in game experience is the points to be said next.

The first is the design of the fuselage. The Red Devils 5G uses a 6.65-inch 19.5: 9 symmetrical full-screen with a resolution of 2340 × 1080. Although the screen ratio of the Red Devils 5G gaming phone is not dominant compared to the current mainstream flagship phones, as a gaming phone at that time, a good gaming experience was more important than the face value. The symmetrical screen design has been Gaming mobile phones have been verified multiple times, which is the best screen form to reduce false touches and occlusions and ensure operation feel.

The Red Devils 5G gaming phone uses a complete glass on the back panel, which has an excellent feel and good integration, and the body measurements and weight control are also good. Compared to the previous metal body, the glass body feels more comfortable, and there is no metal coldness and edges, which makes the Red Devils 5G game phone have a round feel in the hand.

The back of the Red Devils 5G gaming phone is still quite design-oriented. The phone I got was Hacker Black, the back of the fuselage was mainly black, there was an X design on the back, and it was dotted with red lines. It looks like Full of science and technology. The "REDMAGIC" on the back of the phone and the Red Devil's logo have light effects. The "REDMAGIC" light strip can display a variety of light effects, making your phone more unique when playing games.

Although the main selling point of the Red Devils 5G gaming phone is gaming, it does the same with the regular functions of the phone. The phone is equipped with a rear three-lens lens, which is a 64-megapixel main camera, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 2-megapixel micro-lens. The distance lens covers most of the shooting scenes. For users who like to take pictures, the Red Devils 5G gaming phone can also make you take good pictures.

On the border, it can better reflect the difference between the Red Devils 5G gaming phone and traditional phones. As a gaming phone, the Red Devils 5G gaming phone is equipped with a dedicated game space, which needs to be activated by the game button on the left side of the frame. When you start the game space, the game applications installed in the phone will be displayed, which can be specialized for the game. Optimized to make you more focused during the game.

Below the gaming button is the cooling duct of the Red Devils 5G gaming phone. We will introduce the cooling part later. On the left bezel, the metal contacts of the Red Devils gaming dock are also reserved. Through this dock, it can not only add additional heat dissipation capabilities to the Red Devils 5G gaming phone, but also charge the mobile phone, connect the network cable, and expand the mobile game. performance.

Two game touch buttons have been added to the right border. The game keys can be mapped to the game through settings, so that everyone can perform four-finger operations in the game, giving you more control space in the game.

Because the cooling air duct is added, the position of the volume keys and the power-on key of the Red Devils 5G gaming phone is lower than that of ordinary mobile phones, so when you first get started, there will be accidental touch, and it will take some time to get used to it.

In addition, the Red Devils 5G also has dual stereo speakers and 3.5mm headphone jacks. For the needs of sound identification and no delay, it can be easily satisfied. With the 3 microphone stereo noise reduction design, the quality of voice communication has also been improved.

Air cooling + liquid cooling

In order to maintain the high-performance state of the Red Devils 5G gaming phone, a lot of optimizations have been made for the heat dissipation of the phone. The dual cooling method of air cooling + liquid cooling is adopted, which will keep the phone at a reasonable level after a long game. In the temperature range, it can not only maintain the high performance state, but also not make the player feel uncomfortable during the game.

The Red Devils 5G gaming phone has a new and upgraded high-performance centrifugal fan built in, with a speed of up to 15,000 rpm. The previous Red Devil 3's fan speed was 14,000 rpm, which has been upgraded from the fan level. In addition, the red-cooled 5G gaming phone ’s re-designed air-cooled cooling air ducts have air duct openings on the left and right sides of the frame. The air is drawn in and the air is vented, which increases the ventilation of the interior by 43%. Heat can be dissipated faster.

In terms of liquid cooling, a liquid cooling copper tube device is installed inside the mobile phone. When the temperature of the mobile phone rises, the water vapor in the cooling copper tube will follow the "vacuum zone" to remove heat, and when the water vapor cools and liquefies Later, it began to circulate back along the capillary structure of the wall, so that the CPU always maintained the proper temperature, so that the performance of the mobile phone was kept full of blood at all times.

The high-performance centrifugal fan of the Red Devils 5G gaming mobile phone is not only used for gaming, it can also be activated when the mobile phone is being charged. Reducing the temperature inside the fuselage can allow the mobile phone to be in the fast charge mode for a long time, and speed up the charging time of the mobile phone. .

144Hz ultra high refresh rate screen

The Red Devils 5G gaming phone first launched a 144Hz ultra-high refresh rate screen, so that the phone can have a smoother feel during control and gaming. Through the display we can see that the Red Magic 5G gaming phone's 144Hz is smoother than the current mainstream 90Hz screen.

Left: Red Devils 3 5G, right: 90Hz refresh rate mobile phone

In order to achieve a smooth balance between gaming and power consumption, the Red Devils 5G gaming phone has added a frame rate adjustment option for this ultra-high refresh rate screen. Generally, when we look at e-books and the like, you do n’t need a high refresh rate, you can choose The more power-efficient 60Hz, if you play some games that do not support 144Hz refresh rate, 90Hz is enough to make the game run smoothly. For those games with 144 frame rate, the strongest 144Hz refresh rate can be activated, bringing a top-level smooth experience.

The screen of the Red Devils 5G gaming phone also supports a 240Hz touch refresh rate, and the corresponding touch is 240 times per second, so it can more quickly and accurately identify the user's touch operation, so that players can always be ahead of their opponents in the game, thus starting first. Control the enemy.

With the comprehensive upgrade of mobile phone performance, there will be more and more high-frame-rate games in the future. Nubia is also currently working with a number of game companies to accelerate the adaptation of 144-frame-rate games. The flagship configuration of the Red Devils 5G gaming phone will allow us to be more adept at facing high-level games in the near future.


The Red Devils 5G gaming phone uses the Snapdragon 865 mobile platform, and is equipped with LPDDR5 memory and UFS3.0 ultra-fast flash memory. Naturally, there is no need to worry about convenient performance. We also look at the performance of the Red Devils 5G gaming phone through games.

Thanks to the strong performance of the mobile phone, even when the King of Honor is played, the picture quality is still very smooth during the game, and the frame rate of the mobile phone can be maintained at about 60 frames throughout the game.

In the game of peace elite, which supports 90 frames high frame rate, the performance of the Red Devils 5G gaming phone is also quite good. It can basically stabilize at 90 frames during the game. The game screen is smooth and the experience is refreshed than the ordinary 60Hz. The rate of cell phones is much better.

Finally, we also chose a real racing car 3 that supports 144Hz for trial play. 144Hz is also the highest refresh rate of the current mobile phone screen. The frame rate has been maintained at 144Hz in the test. This is the first time we have seen all the phones we tested. With such a high screen refresh rate, during the trial play of Real Racing 3, the Red Devils 5G gaming phone can have a very smooth screen display effect, fully taking advantage of the 144Hz, and let us feel that the game with the high frame rate is indeed More attractive.

With outstanding performance and a high refresh rate screen, the Red Devils 5G gaming phone has also won the internationally authoritative game testing agency, GameBench's highest level "Ultra" certification, the highest rating of the racing game "Real Racing 3" (144Hz), FPS game "Peace Elite" (90Hz) highest rating, MOBA game king of Honor (60hz) highest rating.

There are many software functions in the game space that can greatly enhance the gaming experience. For example, after the two touch buttons on the bezel are set to turn on the mirror and fire, the two-finger operation can be instantly turned into a four-finger operation. You can walk, open the mirror, aim, and shoot in one go. Do not interfere with each other.

Then there is the one-click combo. The one-click combo function can record the operation, and then it automatically reappears. I recorded a run of Luna's "Unlimited Links Under the Moon" combo in the Honor of the king, and then this function can be used to make this one-click combo and even use it circularly.

Crosshair assist. We all know that sniper rifles are favored by a large number of players in FPS games due to their high damage and ultra-long range killing ability. However, in order to balance the strength of sniper rifles, the sniper rifles in many games are not sighted when they are not open. , Causing the sniper rifle's close-range combat capability to decline significantly. The Red Demon's crosshair assist can add a crosshair in the center of the screen. In this way, the sniper rifle can have similar controllability as a pistol when face is raised, and it is physically plug-in.

There is also a more interesting function: the game changes sound, in the game, changing a sound is also very interesting.

Thanks to the super performance of the Red Devils 5G gaming phone, using the phone's split screen function will have the effect of doing more with less. The mobile phone can open two applications at the same time, we can watch two videos and surf the Internet while doing two things at the same time.

When using the split screen function, we can drag the dividing line of the two apps and adjust the display size of the app so that the split screen app can get the best results.

It is worth mentioning that the Red Devils 5G gaming phone also supports the full Google framework, which will be more convenient when used overseas, and can directly install Google's related applications.

Take a picture

Although the camera is not the home of the Red Devils 5G gaming phone, there is no slack in hardware. The main camera uses a 64-megapixel Sony IMX686 sensor, combined with an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera and a 2-megapixel macro camera. The imaging quality is quite good.

Nubia can be said to be the earliest mobile phone brand to launch a photography mobile phone, so it is still quite powerful in taking pictures. The mobile phone supports multi-point focusing technology, and there are rich camera modes in the camera family, allowing mass users to achieve professional photos. Shooting.

As you can see from the proofs, the Red Devils 5G gaming phone has good camera capabilities, clear pictures, and accurate color reproduction. Especially at night, it also has a good camera performance. When the game is out, use your phone to take some beautiful photos No problem at all.

to sum up

For a game phone, the value, performance and optimization are crucial. From these three aspects, the performance of the Red Devils 5G game phone is very good, especially in terms of performance, not only the top hardware is used, It is also equipped with dual cooling of air cooling + liquid cooling to ensure that the phone can be in a high-performance state for a long time, instead of only a short peak, so it can ensure that the phone has the ability to continue playing smoothly.

In addition, the Red Magic 5G has a large 4500mAh battery to ensure battery life, and it also adds 55W super fast charging. The actual measurement starts from 1%, 10 minutes to 40%, half an hour to 89%, and it takes 40 minutes to fully charge. Speed Very fast, when the phone is out of power, it only takes a while to return to full blood.

As a gaming phone, the Red Devils 5G gaming phone may not be as "big and full" as the average flagship, but it has few opponents on its "home", and the game experience is excellent. It is a game that can meet your gaming needs. Weapon.