Red magic 5S game machine king appears in CJ, players feel Nubia intelligent ecological charm in close distance!


Red magic game mobile phone has always been a benchmark product with good reputation and sales among players. Each generation of Red Devils has the strongest performance and the most extreme game experience under the “game generation”, and each new generation can break through the highest standards previously defined. The latest Red Devils 5S game phone continues the red magic series consistent leader posture and extreme attitude, presenting the most comfortable and complete game experience loop for the live players.

Red magic 5S, which has opened up a new era of cooling in mobile e-sports, has brought the ice4.0 three-dimensional multidimensional cooling system after its new upgrade. This system has added ice of super industry understanding level on the basis of liquid cooling and air cooling AG (superconducting metal silver process) has achieved the strongest heat dissipation combination on the surface. With its intelligent ecological product “ice wind heat dissipation magic box”, the overall heat dissipation efficiency has been fully increased by 56%, creating a new peak above the peak! And this set of high-profile cooling system is to “moisten things silently” posture to ensure that players use the hand temperature comfort and stable surging output of the core performance of the mobile phone.

In today’s highly homogeneous environment of core performance components, flagship mobile phones, especially the “high configuration” of game flagship have been unable to move the player community. How to release the strongest performance of the core configuration is the key Archimedean fulcrum. In order to release the full performance of the high pass snapdragon 865, in addition to the cooling system, Nubia red magic has also built an exclusive self-developed GPU boost technology for the red magic 5S. This technology can greatly improve the efficiency and performance of the game when it is combined with the ice wind heat dissipation box, so that the processor can still stably and fully output at the critical time. Even in the most complex situation of the game screen and scene, the graphics processing ability can easily ensure the smooth and stable picture.

Heat dissipation and performance are just a corner of the iceberg of the ultimate innovation of Nubia red magic. Relying on its high-dimensional insight and creativity, these fulcrums created by the red devil can always leverage the core concerns and needs of the user group, which also makes it have an absolutely leading technology reserve and accumulation of innovative achievements in the field of game phones, and its endless imagination and pursuit of perfection From the beginning to the end, it leads the future direction and source power of game phones.

As for the proposition of breakthrough and perfection, Nubia does not stop in the “comfort zone” of game phones, which is already the king’s rank. In terms of the player’s intelligent lifestyle, Nubia also has an extraordinary vision, “1 + 1 + n” strategic layout is created for this. Along with the Red Devils 5S, there is also the Nubia intelligent ecological new product just released online. Take two products with unique aura that have attracted many players as an example: the ice wind heat dissipation magic box provides players with an all-round and non-interference experience of “game, audio-visual, and fast charging”, making the game process smoother and more lasting; Nubia watch’s unique flexible screen design has led to the trend of Wearable intelligent devices, bringing players a sense of future and a sense of practicality Wear experience.

From these two new ecological products, we can also see that Nubia’s infinite imagination and creativity in innovation has been integrated into the development history of various categories of its products. Red magic series pioneered the introduction of PC E-sports high-speed fan into the internal cooling system of mobile phones, and took the lead in the application of the industry’s highest 90hz / 144hz high refresh rate display screen. In terms of wearable intelligent devices, when all friends were struggling to build a “60 minute flexible screen hand machine”, Nubia subversively applied the flexible screen to the smart watch, achieving similar results Nubia is unique in its products; even in the relatively marginal field of peripherals and accessories, Nubia is still unique. Its deuterium front fast charging charger uses the latest gallium nitride fast charging technology in the industry, achieving the minimum volume under the same charging power, and won the first sales volume in the tmall fast charging category. In the wireless headset field, the red devil TWS game Bluetooth headset also achieved 3 The ultra-low delay of 9ms may be the wireless headset with the lowest delay. Such innovations are numerous. Smart phones + smart wearable + intelligent ecological products are not only the strategic layout of Nubia 1 + 1 + N, but also the extension of its brand attitude, adhering to the brand-new Nubia’s deeper understanding and vision of the brand and user experience.

As mentioned in the opening document, with the expansion of the exhibition scale, more and more brands and products appear in different fields of CJ site. In addition to traditional game manufacturers, many digital hardware manufacturers, software service providers and IP of film and television entertainment and cultural content also frequently appear. The game industry has entered the era of industrial chain. As a benchmark brand in the vertical track of game phones, Nubia Red Devils has long been deeply bound up with the upstream and downstream partners of the whole industry, and continues to play its own responsibilities and responsibilities in the industry. On the scene of CJ exhibition, Ni Fei, President of Nubia, together with Qualcomm, JD, Tencent and telecom operators, jointly announced the formal establishment of “5g game mobile industry alliance” at the Jingdong booth. Nubia will cooperate with its partners in-depth to give full play to the advantages of the alliance in terms of traffic, technology, distribution, promotion, supply chain and payment, and introduce more affordable, cool and powerful customized game phones, and provide better mobile games and related services.

The significance of 5g game mobile industry alliance is not only to achieve system and product upgrading, but also to support high-tech and game IP materialization. 5g gamers will play a unique and positive role by digging distribution channels, holding E-sports events and related game activities, establishing an integrated marketing platform, enabling the whole chain of supply chain manufacturers, innovative application of cutting-edge technology, etc Machine industry alliance will greatly enhance the product strength and popularity of partners, and help partners to maximize business value, which is of great significance to the whole game industry.

In addition, the alliance also pays special attention to young groups. Based on the current situation that mobile games are highly popular among college students, relying on the campus manager project, the league has constructed a campus E-sports talent system and established a campus mobile game position, which brings more extreme and valuable game experience for campus players. It is reported that a “youth ten thousand live broadcast” activity will be officially launched in the near future. At that time, more than 10000 E-sports teams will use red magic 5S and other professional e-sports game mobile phones, which will bring us 50000 live online games! This radiation attracted more than 500000 teachers and students from 3000 universities to watch! More close contact with 5g, familiar with e-sports, but also further promote the evolution and popularization of game phones themselves. This activity also promotes E-sports to further penetrate into the young user group, which coincides with Nubia’s brand concept.

Nubia believes that to make a good product, we need to have a keen insight into the market direction and grasp the psychological needs of users. Research, interviews and communication meetings are all good channels. For example, Nubia’s Red Devils tour, the cooperation of professional teams, the e-sports professional mining of Media University, and the support of partner Jingdong c2m, all feed back to the red magic development team what the real users care and need, so that Nubia can do the innovation that users really need. With its sensitivity to the game market and the support of Jingdong big data, Nubia can better understand what users need, so as to improve the user experience. In the vertical fast lane of game phones, Nubia constantly interacts with users and explores the technology application space of game phones, so as to meet all kinds of needs of users, constantly innovate and create a wind outlet. Last year, at the Jingdong 618 Global Brand Summit and 618 launch meeting, Red Devils was highly recognized by the industry and the market, and won the Jingdong retail best c2m Brand Award. At the beginning of the year, red magic c2m products, such as red magic game phones and deuterium nitride fast charging chargers, bucked the trend to achieve consumption upgrading, which fully confirmed the market potential and feasibility of c2m mode.

The CJ Nubia Red Devils exhibition stand is full of bright spots. Looking at the faces of young players in the crowd, we can feel that the game industry is at the right time, and the Nubian Red Devils are in the red! The players’ love for the game and their recognition of the competitive spirit are constantly infecting and enlightening the Nubian Red Devils to create new acme and lead new breakthroughs. Nubia, as a brand with the ultimate pursuit, will continue to innovate and lead the next round of innovation!

A number of popular new products on the Nubia Red Devils exhibition stand have also launched an appointment and released a number of benefits recently. At present, the Red Devils’ 5S booking will be sold for the first time at 10:00 on August 1. Go to Nubia official website or Jingdong to search for Red Devils. You can book online and enjoy interest free up to 24 periods! Nubia watch, which has a strong sense of science and technology in the future, will also be sold for the first time in Nubia official mall and Jingdong / tmall / Suning e-buy official flagship stores at 10:00 on August 5. If you buy it in Jingdong Mall, you can enjoy a 100 yuan (USD $14) reduction in benefits and 12 interest free preferential policies! Interested friends must not miss!