Redmi 10X-double 11 potential hot product phone for only 1499 yuan (USD $214)

What mobile phone can I recommend for Double Eleven? Let's take a look at this potentially explosive mobile phone-Redmi 10X. Its powerful performance, unique dual-SIM 5G, and sincere luxury configuration will surely be a potential product for Double Eleven.

Redmi 10X uses the most powerful mid-range mobile phone processor-Dimensity 820, as the first mobile phone of Dimensity 820. This year, Redmi 10X has long been the leader on the Antutu mid-range mobile phone list.

In the face of many mid-range mobile phone processors on the market this year, Dimensity 820 became a veritable champion with a score close to 40W. So how powerful the Redmi 10X with Dimensity 820 processor is, it goes without saying.

Redmi 10X uses a customized Samsung 6.57-inch water drop OLED screen, which supports a touch sampling rate of 180Hz, making the touch of the fingertip smoother, allowing you to touch where you point and touch accurately. On this screen, HDR 10 display is also supported, with a maximum brightness of 800 nits. With more and more HDR video resources nowadays, it will undoubtedly provide users with a better visual experience.

In addition to the powerful screen and processor, the other configurations of Redmi 10X are also full of sincerity. For example, the body of the Redmi 10X uses the fifth-generation Corning Gorilla Glass, which is more durable. The vibration motor of the body adopts a more high-end linear motor. The body adopts an IP53 waterproof design for life, and there is a 3.5mm headphone jack, which is more intimate for users.

In addition, dual-card 5G can also be achieved on Redmi 10X, allowing you to keep 5G online at all times, so that whether you are gaming, shopping, watching dramas or karaoke, the signal is full. Always online, worry-free.

Redmi 10X, a powerful and potential explosive mobile phone, is now down 400 yuan (USD $57) , no need to wait for Double Eleven, you can buy it now, 6GB+128GB configuration is only 1499 yuan (USD $214) , and there are more configurations waiting for you to choose , The price is also great, don’t you come to see it?