Redmi 9 coming soon: 5000mAh battery finalized

On May 13th, Redmi 9 passed FCC certification and its model number is M2004J19G.

FCC documents show that Redmi 9 battery capacity is 5000mAh.

Currently Redmi 9 has passed the Eurasian EEC certification, China 3C certification, etc. 3C certification shows that Redmi 9 supports 10W charging.

Considering that Redmi 8 supports 18W fast charging, it is guessed that Redmi 9 also supports 18W fast charging, which may come with a 10W charger.

It is worth noting that Redmi will release a new machine this month. In addition to the already unveiled Redmi K30 5G speed version, the new Redmi Note series may also debut this month.

Wang Teng, president of Xiaomi Group China and product director of Redmi, has hinted that Redmi will use MediaTek Tianji 800 series chips. This is MediaTek's dual-mode 5G Soc for the mid-end market and may be used in the Redmi Note series.

Considering the positioning of the Redmi Note series, there is no doubt that it will refresh the new low price of 5G mobile phones and become the most affordable 5G mobile phone in the history of Redmi.

The specific name of the new Redmi Note series is still unclear. There is news that it will be named Redmi Note 10 series, and there are also reports that it will be named Redmi Note 9 series. The new products may also provide standard and Pro versions, which are equipped with MediaTek. Tianji 800, Tianji 800+ chips .

Considering that the price of the Redmi K30 5G Speed Edition is 1999 yuan (USD $286) , the price of the new Redmi Note series should be between 1500-1999 yuan (USD $214) , which means that the competition for 5G mobile phones has reached the thousand yuan market from the high-end, which is expected to accelerate the popularity of 5G mobile phones.