Redmi K30 Pro also has 12GB version starting at 4499 yuan (USD $643)

On March 27th, the Redmi K30 Pro series opened its first sale at 10 am this morning, and completed 100 million sales in 30 seconds.

The popularity of Redmi K30 Pro is also closely related to cost performance. The standard version of Redmi K30 Pro equipped with Snapdragon 865 processor starts at only 2999 yuan (USD $428) , and the highest version of Redmi K30 Pro zoom version 8GB + 256GB is priced at 3999 yuan (USD $571) .

At present, the maximum configuration of the K30 Pro series is only 8GB of memory. Some consumers may feel that it is not enough. Expect Redmi to launch a large memory version of the K30 Pro.

The details of the K30 Pro 12GB + 512GB version appeared on the details page of the Jingdong Xiaomi official mall today, priced at 4499 yuan (USD $643) , but has now been replaced.

Yesterday, Redmi Product Director Wang Teng revealed to Redmond K30 Pro that there is a 12GB + 512GB version, but he has to wait until April.

According to the tradition of the Redmi K20 series, the Redmi K30 Pro 12GB + 512GB should be an exclusive version. In addition to storage, there may be other aspects to upgrade, maybe the screen with a high refresh rate may not be oh.