Redmi K30 Pro conference news broke: there are new products such as laptops / air purifiers

According to news on March 23, it is reported that in addition to the K30 Pro mobile phone, there will also be AIoT products at the Redmi K30 Pro conference.

The report pointed out that the Redmi K30 Pro conference will launch RedmiBook 14 Ryzen Edition, Xiaomi Air Purifier and other equipment.

The RedmiBook 14 Ryzen Edition will use a 14-inch IPS display with a maximum of 16GB of memory; the new air purifier will be named the air purifier F1, details of which are temporarily unknown.

As for the Redmi K30 Pro, it is available in standard and zoom versions. The standard version is available in 8GB + 128GB and 6GB + 128GB versions. The zoom version is available in 8GB + 128GB, 8GB + 256GB, and 12GB + 512GB.

In the core configuration, Redmi K30 Pro uses a pop-up full-screen solution, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 flagship platform, supports SA, NSA dual-mode 5G, equipped with LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.1 flash memory, and supports 33W flash charge.

In addition, the Redmi K30 Pro zoom version has Redmi's most powerful imaging system to date.

According to the official introduction, the 64-megapixel main camera of Redmi K30 Pro supports 4-axis optical image stabilization, which can correct the shake when horizontal + vertical + forward tilt + roll. It is not only very helpful when taking pictures, but also can record more stable video.

Lu Weibing, President of Xiaomi Group China and General Manager of the Redmi brand, emphasized that the 4-axis optical image stabilization technology detects the four axial jitters at high speed through the mobile phone's gyroscope and acceleration sensor, and transmits the signal to the OIS processing terminal for calculation. The amount of displacement is then transmitted to the micro-drive motor in real time to quickly adjust the attitude of the camera module, thereby effectively overcoming the blurring of the image generated when the phone shakes.

In hand-held shooting of night scenes and telephoto shooting, the slower the shutter, the easier it is to fuzz, and the longer the focal length, the easier it is to fuzz. Both of these scenes need optical image stabilization to help you stabilize the lens. The Redmi K30 Pro zoom camera is also equipped with optical image stabilization, allowing you to take clear pictures on the go.