Redmi K30 Pro screen details exposed: there are surprises and regrets

So far, the opening flagships of major manufacturers this year have already made their debut. Looking at these 5G flagships, in addition to the unified Snapdragon 865 mobile platform, another parameter with a very high frequency is the 90Hz refresh rate screen. This year's flagship standard. However, now there is the latest news. Recently, Xiaomi executives officially confirmed that the new Redmi K30 Pro, which will be unveiled on March 24, does not have a high refresh rate screen.

According to the latest Weibo released by Redmi Product Director Wang Teng, the screen of the new Redmi K30 Pro "has surprises and regrets", of which the surprise will be announced today, while the "regret" in his mouth is that it does not support high refresh Rate, its refresh rate is still only 60Hz, which is somewhat unexpected from netizens. In response to netizens' doubts, Wang Teng also said that in addition to the high refresh rate screen, the K30 Pro's screen is full of other materials, and is expected to be in color , Brightness, color accuracy and other aspects will have outstanding performance, specific information will be announced today.

In other respects, according to the previously exposed news, the new Redmi K30 Pro will include two versions, the standard version and the zoom version, which will continue the design ideas of the previous K30 series, but there are also some minor adjustments in some key details, such as the Upgrade to a dual front camera with lift, instead of the current popular full-screen display with openings. It will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 flagship platform, support SA, NSA dual-mode 5G, equipped with LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.0 flash memory, rear four-camera module, and the main camera is equipped with Sony IMX686 sensor. In addition, flagship configurations such as the Wi-Fi 6 and horizontal linear motors on the Mi 10 series may also appear on the K30 Pro.

It is reported that the new Redmi K30 Pro will meet with you on March 24. According to the interaction between Xiaomi executives and netizens, the starting price of the machine will be between 3000-3500 yuan (USD $429) . We will wait and see more details.