Redmi K30S has exclusive knuckle operation, users expect decentralized functions

The Redmi K30S Extreme Commemorative Edition is a flagship mobile phone that has been very popular recently. In addition to the Snapdragon 865, 144Hz LCD screen, 5000mAh battery and a shocking price starting from 2299, its knuckle operation function has been well received by users after its release. .

The knuckle operation function of the Redmi K30S Extreme Commemorative Edition supports knuckle tapping to take screenshots, circle to achieve regional screenshots, wake up Xiaoai classmates, long press and drag to adjust the screen brightness, and you can also swipe V to achieve more custom functions, such as Scan code, flashlight, camera, etc.

Previously, Huawei and vivo brand mobile phones support similar knuckle operations, which have been widely praised by users. However, some netizens have reported that the technology has certain recognition problems and the sensitivity will decrease after the tempered film is attached.

Up to now, only the Redmi K30S Extreme Commemorative Edition of all Xiaomi phones has the knuckle operation function, and users in the Xiaomi community are expecting this function to be extended to other models.