Redmi K40 box "spoiler"! One big and one small or corresponding to different versions

Not long ago, Lu Weibing, general manager of the Redmi brand, suddenly announced the price of the Redmi K40 series at 2,999 yuan (USD $428) , making this phone a lot of attention before it was released. On January 25th, Lu Weibing couldn’t help but “spoiler” again, and released the real shots of the Redmi K40 series box with the text: “Thick or thin? This is a difficult choice. Ask everyone for your opinion. …”

Redmi K40系列包装盒
Redmi K40 series packaging box

As you can see from the picture, the Redmi K40 series packaging box is one large and one small, one thick and the other thin, which means that the series should have at least two versions of models. By convention, the Redmi K40 series may have the “standard cup” K40 and the “big cup” K40 Pro (or other names). Combining Lu Weibing’s “Snapdragon 888 flagship of the year” and Redmi’s product director Wang Teng’s saying “there is more than one 888 version”, these two packaging boxes are most likely to correspond to two configuration versions.

Lu Weibing’s Weibo “Spoiler”

Of course, another possibility cannot be completely ruled out now, that is, to choose one of the two packaging boxes and only use one of them. Therefore, Lu Weibing “asked everyone’s opinion” through Weibo. However, it usually takes some time to produce and prepare the packaging boxes. The K40 series will be released next month, and the packaging should be basically finalized. Then “choose one of the two” may have another meaning: with charger and without charger. Just like Xiaomi 11, it’s up to the user to choose. What do you think?