Redmi K40 launch conference also has new products unveiled at the official announcement of the Big Devil Shoulder Key

On February 25, the Redmi brand will officially release its first flagship model of this year, the K40 series. Currently, officials are warming up the phone, and they have also announced the parameters of the new phone. On February 24th, @Redmi红米手机 posted that K40 is serious about gaming experience this time, customized exclusive game accessories, and will launch the Great Devil Shoulder Button.

Big Devil Shoulder Button

According to the official introduction, the Big Devil Shoulder Button is designed for first-person shooting games. It has several features. The first is a split design, and the function mapping can be set freely, which is comparable to handheld control. Adapt to a variety of hand shapes, the third is that it feels more refreshing, crisp, and without delay. The official also said that the game experience of the K40 is a bit tough, and the specific combat power will be seen at 7:30 tomorrow night.

At present, there have been a lot of news about the Redmi K40 mobile phone on the Internet. The series will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888. Under the premise of good battery life, it pursues the ultimate light and thin hand feeling; the standard 4520mAh battery will make the mobile phone very good. Endurance performance; the whole series comes standard with 120Hz high-brush OLED screen, and because of the use of a new generation of OLED screens, this series of phones will have higher peak brightness, lower display power consumption, and better picture quality , The audio has Dolby Atmos and HiRes gold certification blessing; the mobile phone adopts the rear three-camera design, which is an excellent imaging system.