Redmi K40 series first sells over 300,000 flagship welders in 5 minutes

At 0:00 on March 4, the all-around hard-core flagships Redmi K40 and Redmi K40 Pro started their first sales. The two products attracted attention as soon as they were released. The pre-sale stage received enthusiastic response, and the first sales continued this trend. According to the latest information released on the official Weibo of Redmi mobile phones, the Redmi K40 series sold more than 300,000 units in the first 5 minutes, and the sales were unstoppable.

This time, the Redmi K40 series “all series upgrade cups”, all series are equipped with flagship processors, and all series are equipped with flagship direct screens as standard. Redmi K40 Pro is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 888 flagship processor, built with advanced 5nm technology, unique X1 super large performance core, with the current top performance. Redmi K40 is upgraded to the latest Snapdragon 870 flagship platform, and its performance is directly doubled compared to Redmi K30. Regardless of daily use or large-scale games, it can maintain stable and efficient performance output. At the same time, the K40 series comes standard with a storage combination of LPDDR5+UFS3.1, supports the latest generation of Wi-Fi 6 standards, and is fully equipped with performance.

The entire Redmi K40 series is equipped with an ultra-small hole 120Hz top direct screen, built with a new generation of Samsung E4 material, and the screens are professionally color-calibrated. The brightness, contrast, and color accuracy are first-class. Redmi K40 Pro is the world’s authoritative screen evaluation agency DisplayMate received the highest A+ rating in its evaluation. At the same time, all K40 series also support TureTone true color display for the first time, achieving screen color temperature adjustment synchronized with ambient light, making the look and feel more comfortable.

In terms of game experience, the entire Redmi K40 series supports a maximum three-finger 360Hz touch sampling rate, making game control one step faster. The industry’s first super-resolution touch technology, precise response to touch operation, more powerful Dolby Atmos dual speakers and refreshing touch X-axis linear motor blessing, comprehensively enhance the gaming experience. At present, the Redmi K40 series has been officially adapted to the high frame rate mode of “Honor of Kings”, the picture quality is more delicate and smooth, and it is smooth to dominate the Canyon of Kings.

In addition, the Redmi K40 is equipped with a 48-megapixel triple camera, which supports the highly acclaimed telephoto macro shooting, and the Redmi K40 Pro is upgraded to a clearer 64-megapixel main camera. Both models have built-in 4520mAh large batteries, support 33W flash charging, and features such as multi-functional NFC, infrared remote control, and dual-frequency GPS are also readily available. The entire Redmi K40 series has a slim body of 7.8mm and 196g, without sacrificing the design feel due to functions, it is a rare light and thin 5G flagship at the moment.

On March 8th, the Redmi K40 series will start the second round of sale. The price of Redmi K40 starts at 1999 yuan (USD $286) and the price of Redmi K40 Pro starts at 2799 yuan (USD $400) . With excellent product power and extreme pricing, the Redmi K40 series has firmly welded the door of the cost-effective flagship, and is a flagship welder who does my part.