Redmi Note 10 obtains FCC certification: MIUI 12 is pre-installed and only supports 4G

Redmi’s recent actions have been frequent. In addition to the upcoming Redmi K40 series, another new phone, Redmi Note 10, has also just obtained FCC certification, indicating that it is not far from its official debut.

The certification information shows that the pre-installed system of the Redmi Note 10 model M2101K7AG is the MIUI 12 operating system. And surprisingly, Redmi Note 10 seems to be just a 4G phone. As for why only 4G is supported, there are probably two possibilities.

One is that Redmi Note 10 is a product for sale in India. It is important to know that the previous generation of Note series has been on sale in India for nearly a year. The second is that Redmi Note 10, which has obtained FCC certification, is only a 4G standard version, and its positioning is similar to the previous Redmi Note 9 4G national version, while the high-end version of Redmi Note 10 may only support 5G.

As usual, the Redmi Note series has always been a thousand yuan machine series, combined with Redmi’s long-standing cost-effective strategy, the Redmi Note 10 series will become another thousand yuan machine representative in the first half of the year. In addition to the Redmi Note 10 series, Redmi will be released next month, which is worth looking forward to.