Redmi Note 10 Pro certified: up to 8GB of memory

On January 8th, Redmi Note 10 Pro has obtained the Indian BIS certification, which means that the machine will debut in India.

According to information released by India BIS, Redmi Note 10 Pro supports 5G and offers three options: 6GB+64GB, 6GB+128GB and 8GB+128GB.

It is reported that the machine will be launched in India in February or March. This is the first Redmi Note series 5G mobile phone launched by Redmi in India.

At present, the details of Redmi Note 10 Pro are temporarily unknown. It may be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 series 5G platform. The currently available Snapdragon 7 series 5G chips are Snapdragon 765G, Snapdragon 765 and Snapdragon 750G.

Among them, the Redmi K30 5G uses the Snapdragon 765G, the Redmi Note 9 Pro national version uses the Snapdragon 750G, and the Indian version of the Redmi Note 10 Pro may choose among the above chips.

It is worth noting that although Redmi Note 10 Pro will be unveiled in India, it does not mean that the Chinese Mainland License version of Redmi Note 10 Pro will be released soon. After all, the previous generation of Redmi Note 9 Pro has just been launched soon.

Moreover, the Redmi Note series Chinese Mainland License version is different from the Indian version. Take Redmi Note 9 Pro as an example. The Chinese Mainland License version Redmi Note 9 Pro uses the Snapdragon 750G chip, supports SA and NSA dual-mode 5G, and the main camera is 100 million pixels. The Indian version of Redmi Note 9 Pro uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G chip, only supports 4G network, and the main camera is 48 million pixels.