Redmi note10 is equipped with Tianji 820 processor

Previously, redmi brand launched the redmi note9 mobile phone overseas, but this mobile phone has not been listed in China for a long time. On July 22, the redmi note10 mobile phone appeared on the website of running branch, accidentally exposing some information of the machine. However, the authenticity of the information is not known at present.

Redmi Note10现身跑分网(图源网络)
redmi note10 appears in the network

From these exposure information, we can see that the redmi note10 mobile phone is equipped with Tianji 820 processor, equipped with 8GB storage and running Android 10 system. In the year column, it will appear in 2020, but the redmi note9 has not yet been launched in China, and this newer mobile phone should be launched later.

redmi note9 (picture source network)

In addition, as an iterative version of redmi note9, the hardware configuration of redmi note10 should be more robust. We can guess the note10 phone according to the configuration of redmi note9. The redmi note 9 is equipped with a 6.53 inch FHD + LCD screen, a combination of four cameras at the back, and a 48 million pixel main lens.