Redmi Note10 renderings exposed! The same screen packaging process as Apple?

Not long ago, CNMO reported on the exposure of a new Redmi phone. It is understood that the name of the new phone is Redmi Note 10. On September 7, the high-definition rendering of the phone was released. The picture shows us the front and back of the phone. Design, the rear camera module design of this machine attracts attention.

Redmi Note10渲染图
Redmi Note10 rendering

It can be seen from the rendering that the design of this phone adopts the popular scheme nowadays, the four borders are relatively narrow, and it is very likely to adopt the same screen packaging process as the iPhone. In addition, the camera’s Selfie lens is located in the upper left corner of the screen and is a front camera with a hole. The back of the fuselage is a hyperboloid design, which looks a bit like the Redmi K30 series.

The point is here. The rear camera module of the machine adopts a circular design. The strange thing is that there is a square design in the circular module, with three lenses and a flash in the middle. The text information on the camera module indicates that the main camera of the module is 48 million pixels. The silver rear camera module and the light blue back cover still bring a lot of impact. At present, Redmi officials have not officially introduced this phone to us, we can look forward to it.