Redmi Note9 released tonight Lei Jun: must urge the supply chain to ensure supply

The Redmi Note9 series conference will be held tonight (November 26) at 8 o’clock, when Redmi Redmi phones will bring us new Note series products. Prior to this, Xiaomi Chairman and CEO Lei Jun asked “what are the issues that everyone cares about most” on Weibo. Some netizens asked the soul: “Are there stocks?” Lei Jun responded that he must urge the supply chain to ensure supply.

红米Note9今晚发布 雷军:一定敦促供应链保障供货

Lei Jun responded to questions from netizens

In addition, netizens are more concerned about issues such as “Note9 configuration features and prices”, “General Lu talk show”, etc., but Lei Jun did not respond directly, but replied with the “love” emoticon, which should be left to the press conference to announce the answer. Interestingly, a netizen said that he wanted to see “How does Lu always complain about Lei”, and Lei Jun replied with a “dog head” expression, which is intriguing.

Lei Jun replied to netizens

It is reported that the highlights of the conference tonight are: Mr. Lu (Redmi brand general manager Lu Weibing) talk show debut, Li Xueqin airborne conference, Note9 series three swords, Redmi new lightweight products (should be Redmi’s first smart Watch) debut. Earlier, Lu Weibing said on Weibo: Speaking of shameless people, in fact, I am not aiming at anyone. I am so cruel that even the boss is shameful.

Redmi Note9 series

Now it’s less than 3 hours from the press conference. Based on the existing information, it can be known that the Redmi Note 9 series continues the positioning of “Little King Kong Quality” and “Extreme Cost Performance”, focusing on “Image”, “Performance” and “Endurance”. The series has the best imaging experience, the most powerful performance, and adheres to the flagship battery life standard. In other respects, the Redmi Note9 series has a 120Hz screen, a linear motor, and three colors of lake and autumn (blue and gold), blue sea and stars (blue), and silent starry sky (black). For more information, Mobile China will report on it as soon as possible, and everyone is welcome to pay attention.