Redmi Note9 series third color matching official announcement: Silent starry sky is the base

On November 25, Redmi officially announced the third color scheme of the Note9 series: Silent Starry Sky. “Dongfeng night blooms flowers and thousands of trees. It blows down even more, and the stars are like rain.” The color of the silent starry sky is based on 锖色 as the base, revealing a shining luster, as if the stars are shining. Like the previous two color schemes, this color scheme has also been praised by many netizens after its announcement.

Redmi Note9系列静默星空
Redmi Note9 series silent starry sky

The Redmi Note9 series is Redmi’s cost-effective work. It will be officially released on the evening of November 26. At present, the official has revealed a lot of information about the new machine. According to the official announcement, we can know that the Redmi Note9 series has excellent performance in image, performance, and battery life. It uses a 120Hz high refresh rate screen and is equipped with a linear motor.

Redmi Note9系列第3款配色官宣:静默星空 锖色为底

Redmi Note9系列配色
Redmi Note9 series color matching

In addition to the announcement of the silent starry sky color scheme, the Redmi Note9 series also has at least two color schemes: blue sea stars and lake light autumn colors. Among them, the blue sea and stars are the main color matching, which looks elegant and atmospheric; the lake and autumn colors are designed with a blue-gold gradient, which is like water and mountains, which are very beautiful.

Because of the balanced configuration and extremely competitive price, the Redmi Note series models have been selling well all the time. The sales volume of Note7 series exceeded 10 million in 4 months, and Note8 reached tens of millions of sales in just 3 months. Now that the Note9 series is in place, the new opportunities of this series will not continue the outstanding performance of the previous two generations of products? We will wait and see.