Redmi Xiaoai touch screen speaker Pro 8-inch released, built-in large-capacity battery

On September 3, the new Xiaoai touch screen speaker was launched on Redmi Xiaoai touch screen speaker Pro 8 inches. This is Xiaomi’s first Xiaoai touch screen speaker with built-in battery. It has a built-in 4700mAh large-capacity lithium battery and has a long battery life of about 4.5 hours. It also adds a handle design on the back of the fuselage to facilitate the user’s living room, kitchen, Use the balcony and other scenes freely, enjoy the big screen, and interact as you like.

Compared with the predecessor “Redmi Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker 8”, the “Redmi Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker Pro 8-inch” with more Pro has been upgraded and polished in product details: built-in large-capacity lithium battery, RAM memory increased from 1GB Up to 2GB, the WiFi network has also been upgraded from 2.4G single-band network to 2.4G/5G dual-band WiFi, allowing network resources such as high-definition video to have a wide transmission channel, and the upgraded 2G RAM can also ensure a smooth user experience. Redmi Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker Pro 8-inch is priced at 499 yuan (USD $71) , and will be available on Xiaomi Mall from 0:00 on September 9.

The 8-inch full-fit IPS large screen gives full play to the rich audiovisual resources

The 8-inch IPS screen of the Redmi Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker Pro uses a fully laminated panel with a resolution of 1280×800 and a maximum viewing angle of about 178°, allowing a better viewing effect and viewing angle. Leading screen hardware specifications make Redmi Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker Pro 8 inches not only a desktop “small TV”, but also a touch screen smart speaker that is comparable to a tablet when using AI assistants, IoT control and children’s course learning Computer experience.

In terms of video content, Redmi Xiaoai touch screen speaker Pro 8-inch built-in: iQiyi, Youku, Tencent Video, Mango TV, Douyin, Bilibili, six major domestic video platforms; in terms of sound resources, zeyou QQ Music, Himalaya, Dragonfly For audio platforms such as FM, almost all you want to watch and listen to can be found in this small box. In addition, Redmi Xiaoai touch screen speaker Pro 8 inches also integrates Migu video, comprehensive K song and other applications, allowing you to achieve interesting functions such as watching radio live broadcasts in one sentence and K song in one sentence.

Thanks to the unplugged feature, the Redmi Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker Pro 8-inch can be used in any scene according to your needs. For example, in the kitchen, you can play the instructional video of making dishes, so as to avoid the hassle of using your mobile phone to check the recipes while cooking. When enjoying afternoon tea on the balcony, you can not only use it to add more fun, but also control the AIoT equipment at home at any time. Similar usage scenarios can be derived from a little divergence of imagination, allowing you to enjoy a smart life.

The world’s leading AIoT experience: one-sentence network distribution, Bluetooth Mesh, video call, Xiaomi Mi Xiangxiang

Redmi Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker Pro 8-inch smart home control panel with touch interface, you can select the color temperature of the table lamp, link the smart doorbell, check the Mijia camera monitoring and camera calls, etc. from the touch screen interface, and make full use of the smart speaker in the smart home The linkage effect in the. According to the 2020 Q2 financial report of Xiaomi Group, the number of connected devices on the Xiaomi IoT platform is 271 million (excluding mobile phones and laptops), and the number of monthly active users of Xiao Ai is 78.4 million. Xiaomi IoT serves 55.99 million households around the world and continues to maintain a global lead.

Redmi Xiaoai touch screen speaker Pro 8-inch has a one-sentence network function. Say “Xiaoai classmate found the device” to the speaker, Xiaoai speaker can search for and find the uninitialized Mijia smart device in the room, and automatically configure the network, without the need to manually configure the network and repeatedly enter the password. The built-in Bluetooth Mesh gateway is convenient to connect to various Bluetooth Mesh low-power sensor devices such as smart bulbs and smart doorbells.

Redmi Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker Pro 8-inch also supports full-scene video calls, no SIM card and mobile phone number are required, and video calls can be made through Xiaomi ID. Currently supported devices are: video calls between all Xiaoai speakers with screens, mutual calls with Xiaoai Speaker App, Mi Rabbit Children’s Phone Watch 3C, Mi TV, Linkage Smart Doorbell and Mijia PTZ Camera (available through Xiaoai speaker initiates a video call) and so on, in the future, Xiaomi will continue to open up more video calls between devices with screens on the Xiaomi IoT platform.

Thanks to the latest Xiaomi Miaoxiang, users only need to touch the Redmi Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker Pro 8-inch or touch the sticker to transfer the music on the phone to the speaker to continue playing. Tap again to transfer the music back to the phone. When the mobile phone video call is inconvenient, you can transfer to the speaker to continue the chat with one touch, or you can directly call Xiao Ai on the speaker to answer it for you. (Xiaomi Miaoxiang function will be launched before September 30)

Children’s scene mode upgrade, rich learning resources, can be called children’s learning machine

Since its release, Xiaoai’s touch-screen speakers have been a “baby artifact” for many parents. Redmi Xiaoai touch screen speaker Pro 8 inches also provides a child mode for children. Voice call “Little Ai, enter child mode” to start this mode. You can also set the Xiao Ai speaker to child face recognition. When the Xiao Ai speaker recognizes that the user is a child, it automatically enters the child mode. Exiting the child mode requires scanning the face and judging that the adult can exit the child mode to prevent children from exiting the child mode by themselves. In the child mode, Xiao Ai’s feedback sounds are cute children’s voices, and the interface and icons have also become cute animation styles. The audio-visual content played by calling Xiao Ai are all filtered and graded resource content suitable for children.

Child mode has an application lock, which can be set to disable certain applications. At the same time, it has a video anti-addiction function with a customizable time to prevent children from watching the video for a long time. You can also turn on the blue light eye protection mode to reduce the blue light in the display of the Xiao Ai speaker to protect eyesight. At the same time, the distance protection function can also be turned on in the child mode. When the camera detects that the face is less than 30CM from the screen for more than 10 seconds, it will send out a voice and screen to remind the child that the viewing distance is too close.

Redmi Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker Pro 8-inch has a wealth of child-oriented content built-in, including tens of millions of encyclopedias, animations, children, and stories. It can also synchronize the content of the Xiaomi TV children’s channel. In terms of learning materials, this generation not only built-in a variety of mainstream education apps, but also introduced Xiaomi Classroom, which can create a home learning platform for students aged 4-18, 800+ high-quality products and 25,000 teaching videos, closely following the campus teaching material system, famous teachers Lectures run through the whole process of children’s learning. Built-in mainstream children’s education platform content, including: Wukong Literacy, Wukong Pinyin, Wukong Mathematics, Yifang Happy School, Akaso Children’s English, 51 Talk, ABC reading, ABC Mouse, Gkid English, etc.

With an 8-inch large screen, excellent AIoT control experience, rich audio-visual and children’s learning resources, Redmi Xiaoai’s touch screen speaker Pro 8-inch listens to users’ feedback on the basis of the excellent previous work, and continues to polish it, adding a large-capacity built-in with a high voice from users Battery, convenient handle design, 2GB RAM, 2.4G/5G dual-band WiFi, make easy-to-use products even better, and upgrade the Xiaomi AIoT ecological experience. Redmi Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker Pro 8-inch is priced at 499 yuan (USD $71) , and will be available on Xiaomi Mall from 0:00 on September 9.