RedmiBook Pro is equipped with Xiao Ai for the first time, and the work is done in one sentence

The new Redmi notebook product RedmiBook Pro will be officially released tomorrow night. Following the new mold, H35 processor, and high-spec screen, today it officially announced a new highlight: the first time it is equipped with Xiao Ai students, one sentence can make life easier, and it can help You get the job done.

Xiao Ai is an artificial intelligence voice system developed by Xiaomi. At present, Xiaomi mobile phones, Xiaomi TVs, Xiaomi Mi Bands, smart speakers and other categories have built-in Xiao Ai students. It supports voice interaction and provides various functions such as news, weather, alarm clock, countdown, memo, reminder, encyclopedia/question and answer, small chat, jokes, recipes, translation and so on.

At present, most laptops, including the previously released Xiaomi and Redmi notebooks, use Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant, which is far from smart and easy to use as current mobile phone assistants. Therefore, this product may bring groundbreaking significance to voice interaction in the PC industry.