RedmiBook Pro warm-up: traditional molds are finally retired

This morning, @小米 Notebook Weibo continued to warm up RedmiBook Pro. The official said: “The mold you care about most has become the most anticipated look. This time it is really Pro!”

At the same time, the poster also has the words “Ancestral mold, officially retired” and shows part of the appearance of the RedmiBook Pro body. Judging from the content shown in the picture, RedmiBook Pro has changed the shape and design of previous Xiaomi notebooks by adopting an integrated metal body similar to Apple’s MacBook Pro, and the overall design is simple. In addition, the surface of the fuselage is made of silver-white matte material, which looks quite textured.

According to previously exposed news, RedmiBook Pro will be the first to be equipped with the 11th generation Intel Core H35 high-performance processor. It is understood that the H35 high-performance processor uses a 4-core 8-thread structure with a core frequency of up to 5.0GHz.

Compared with the 10th generation Core standard pressure processor, the H35 high-performance processor single-threaded performance has increased by 15%, and compared with the 11th generation Core U series processor, it has increased by 9%. The GPU graphics performance is comparable to the 10th generation Core standard pressure processor. The ratio is more than doubled.

It is understood that RedmiBook Pro will be officially released in February, and the specific release date is not yet known.