Released in April, Ace2 real gamer's mobile hammer

On March 25th, Shen Yiren, Vice President of OPPO, broke the news on his personal Weibo: Ace2, which everyone has been urging to change, is coming in April. The weight of the new machine is very friendly to the little finger. With the official hammer out, it further confirmed the breaking news of Weibo blogger @ 数码 闲聊 站 in the last few days.

A few days ago, Weibo blogger @ 数码 闲聊 站 broke the news that Ace 2 will use Oreo design, and the body weight is controlled at about 190 grams, which will be a rare thin and high-performance 5G mobile phone this year. Now with the exact official news, people are looking forward to the upcoming Ace 2 more and more.

You should know that last year's Reno Ace was born. It was a 90Hz gaming screen, a Snapdragon 855Plus processor, and a 65W super flash charge. It reached the first-class level in terms of screen, performance and charging at the time. More importantly, the price of Reno Ace is also very competitive. It instantly attracted countless fans who have high pursuit of mobile phone performance, and once became the "true flagship" in consumer mouth.

This year's Ace 2 wants to continue the reputation of the previous generation, and naturally cannot compromise on configuration parameters. Combined with the information we have learned so far, Ace 2 will most likely be equipped with a practical 90Hz AMOLED screen with a more mature application ecology. It will most likely be a front-hole digging screen, while the back will be designed with Oreo four-shot. At the same time, it is expected to be equipped with Snapdragon 865 processor, support 65W super flash charge, and weigh about 190g, which will be a thin and light performance machine.

It has been speculated that the Ace 2 may not support wireless charging and uses a plastic body, which has been further confirmed. Indeed, in order to achieve a lighter and more comfortable feel, some sacrifice is inevitable. Compared to the glass body, the polycarbonate body will make the whole machine lighter and have a better experience in terms of heat dissipation and 5G signals. Under the premise of 65W super flash charge, the phone can be fully charged within 30 minutes, and I feel that without wireless charging, it will not affect the experience at all.

Although this year's Ace 2 may make compromises in some aspects, the purpose is also to give users a better experience. In terms of performance that users are more concerned about, Ace 2 maintains the same flagship level of the previous generation. Looking forward to April At the press conference, interested friends will follow the progress with us.