Released on September 1st, realme X7 series brand new "C color" debut

On September 1, realme will release the realme X7 series. Today, it officially exposed the real back photos of the real me X7 series and a new color: C color.

Judging from the official poster, the realme X7 series is positioned as the “5G thin and light flash charging flagship”. From the spokesperson Yang Zi, the realme X7 series adopts a large logo design on the back, which will dare to leapfrog the “DARE TO LEAP” The brand attitude is integrated into the mobile phone design, clever and bold.

At the same time, on the color of the back panel, the “C-bit color” unveiled today has a rich variety of colors. As the light turns, it will produce different gradients and colorful effects, which symbolizes Realme’s respect and recognition for every diversified individual of young people who dare to express themselves. .

It is reported that the C color of the realme X7 series is derived from the design team’s 8 months, more than 400 hours of color proofing, and five pushes to re-emerge, finally creating this highly emotional color, reflecting young people “Dare” attitude is a trendy technology single product.

In addition, the real me X7 series adopts the three-grain double-plated AG process on the C color-three-layer texture, two-layer coating, and one-layer AG effect to achieve a triple balance of technology, texture and color, creating a very good look and feel Experience.

Realme has deliberately reduced the body weight and thinner on the X7 series. Compared with the previous generation products, the ultra-thin fingerprint module has been reduced by 91% and the screen thickness by 30%. It is reported that the weight of the whole machine is only 175g. , So the feel will be very light.

In addition, according to Xu Qi’s microblog, the realme X7 series will have a 120Hz screen refresh rate, use COP screen packaging technology, and 6000000:1 contrast ratio, 100% DCI-P3 wide color gamut and 1200nit peak Brightness, and use e3 material and other characteristics.