Remember this summer OPPO Find X2 Pro will "look away a little" with you

As the mobile phone market becomes more and more mature, the competition among manufacturers is no longer a simple hardware competition. Quality and understanding of users have become the real advantages that high-end products should have, so we can see that manufacturers’ promotion and marketing are also The simple parameter enumeration has become more warm.

For example, on August 10th, OPPO launched the #此夏看开点# ultra-wide-angle photography raffle. It uses the Find X2 Pro ultra-wide-angle lens to “see a little bit”. The different perspective that can be captured is another heart-warming word of encouragement, allowing everyone to remember this special summer in a different way, and also narrowing the distance between the brand and the user.

Of course, the participation of “professional” players is indispensable in such activities. Travel and photography bloggers have come up with their own unique images shot with the OPPO Find X2 Pro ultra-wide-angle lens.

Image source @Jamie-hua

Among them, the series of animal photos taken by photography blogger @Jamie-hua impressed the editor the most. An animal with its nose in front of the lens has a sense of intimacy that is not usually felt, as if they are us. Friends who are very familiar also want to get in front of the camera to take a beautiful selfie, especially the unique look and feel of the ultra-wide-angle lens, which further strengthens this impact, the cuteness index Max.

At the same time, we also noticed that perhaps the topic of #此夏看开点# is too easy to resonate. It is different from ordinary photography competitions where only professionals and gods fight. The works from the user’s perspective, and there are many works with exciting pictures and stories.

Picture source @狂奔的蛋plantzzz

For example, the photo of @狂奔的蛋plantzzz is beautiful from composition to color processing. This photo taken in the evening of Wangjing SOHO shows the beginning of the bustling urban prosperity. It is a kind of people who are busy in the workplace facing the scenery outside the window. An ordinary moment that moved.

Picture source @林海音_

Someone also used OPPO Find X2 Pro to record the time of “getting out of the hustle and bustle of the city”. In the suburbs of Shanghai, they recorded the green grass and blue sky that can only be seen in photos. The rare good weather boldly went out and used 120 degrees. The ultra-wide-angle record of those simple and simple pictures, embrace nature and then retain the beauty of nature, this is the state of ordinary users when they take pictures of flowers and plants.

As of the writing of this content, the topic of #此夏看开点# has more than 100 million views and 23,000 discussions and participation. Among them, there are indispensable official high-quality tutorials and excellent works of great gods, but more of them are ordinary The summer in the eyes of users, this kind of record of life is believed to be the original intention of users choosing to buy a powerful camera, and it is also the part that touches us the most with these photos.

Image source @Derrick_Zhang_

The summers recorded in these photos may not be the “frequent visitors” of the polar regions, aurora, desert, and starry sky in ordinary photography competitions, but the scenery beside you and me is simple and gentle. OPPO can use this method to do Providing a platform for everyone to express themselves is a very warm thing in itself. I believe that “O fans” will also realize how different their favorite brands are through such communication.