Reno Ace2 weight exposure: about 190g, light and thin

Today, @ 数码 闲聊 stood on Weibo and broke the news, revealing that Reno Ace2 weighs about 190g. The main performance of the Reno Ace2 has a thin and light body, which will also be a highlight, which can bring better grip.

@ 数码 闲聊 standing also launched a poll on Weibo, providing four guesses that will help reduce the weight of the fuselage: it will not be equipped with a wireless charging coil, a built-in 3800mAh battery, a new material case, and black technology. Judging from Reno Ace2's weight of about 190g, Reno Ace2 may use a plastic frame. In addition to lighter weight, it can also have a good integration. Rather than reducing battery capacity, canceling wireless charging may be the solution for Ace2.

Reno Ace2 real machine picture previously exposed ↑

At present, 5G mobile phones over 200g are very common, too thick body will affect the grip. In order to bring users a better gripping experience, OPPO previously launched a Reno3 Pro 5G phone with only 171g. The quality control of Find X2 is also very good. If Reno Ace2 can also maintain a thin and light body, it can be easier. Get user recognition.

In addition to the thin and light body, other configurations of the Reno Ace2 are also worthy of attention. According to breaking news, Reno Ace2 uses mainstream Oreo design, the main camera is Sony IMX586 sensor, which can meet the daily photography needs of most users.

In terms of screens, considering battery life and 90Hz content ecology, Reno Ace2 is likely to continue to use screens with a refresh rate of 90Hz. The processor part may use the mainstream Snapdragon 865 flagship processor or the first Teana 1000, both processors can provide powerful performance support, there is no suspense to support dual-mode 5G.

From the information that has been exposed, Reno Ace2 will be a thin and light 5G performance phone. The 90Hz screen and super flash charge, which are highly praised in Reno Ace, should also be retained. The official information has not yet been released, and interested friends can continue to follow up on the follow-up reports.