Reno4 Pro Artist Limited Edition, the artwork in the phone officially unveiled

On August 17, the OPPO Reno4 Pro Artist Limited Edition was unveiled. The machine was jointly created by OPPO and artist James Jean. The theme is “Summer Adventures”, and the price is 4299 yuan (USD $614) . The pre-orders are now open, only on the official website and some lines. Available at the next store. From now on, this customized machine will also bring users a summer dream and adventure experience, hurry up and book to enjoy the cross-border collision brought by technology and art!

OPPO Reno4 Pro artist limited edition design theme is “Summer Adventure”. The design is inspired by James Jean’s childhood feelings about summer: endless dreams, play, escape and transformation, full of excitement and vitality. The artist’s painting of the same name, “Summer Adventures”, describes people falling into dreams of adventures, gaining revelation and awakening, freeing themselves from the shackles of reality, and releasing themselves in a carnival.

Re-engrave the paintings into mobile phones to bring adventures to life. The OPPO Reno4 Pro Artist Limited Edition uses a three-layer stacking process to create the color scheme of fantasy silver light, which can show different light and shadow from different angles. The mobile phone is etched with AG glass, which flexibly outlines multiple roles in “Summer Adventure”, making this mobile phone not only a technological trendy product, but also an ultimate collection of art.

Not only has the appearance of the mobile phone made a major change, the artist’s modern version of the body and UI themes have received a new design. Two sets of exclusive UI solutions are available for consumers to choose freely. “Day Adventure” paintings, also exclusively customized a full set of accessories, showing low-key and gorgeous.

The artist limited edition launched by OPPO this time is designed by the artist James Jean. As a current trend artist who has received much attention, James Jean has won the “Oscar in the comics industry” Eisner award seven times, and was awarded for “The Shape of Water” and ” “Blade Runner 2049” and other films draw posters. His works are gorgeous, romantic, and curious, just like a mysterious surreal dream.

From the appearance to the inside, the OPPO Reno4 Pro artist-limited edition launched by OPPO and artist James Jean also gave us consumers a satisfactory answer. The exquisite craftsmanship and fantasy design make the magical elements full of summer flavor give the appearance of Reno4 Pro. Adding a different kind of charm is still worth looking forward to. And the full set of accessories of the machine are exclusively customized by “Summer Adventure”, including packaging box, charger, mobile phone case, etc., which can bring users a full sense of unpacking ceremony. Compared with other versions of the same configuration, the price has not changed, and the sincerity is also full.

OPPO Reno4 Pro artist limited edition, 12G+256GB, 4299 online limited sale, now has opened the pre-order, only on the official website and some offline stores. With such a meticulously crafted and artistic ultra-thin and super-value 5G mobile phone, users who book on the official website now have a chance to win a limited edition. What are you waiting for? Click the link below and get on the bus!