Reno5 launches FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system for the first time, fully solving shooting pain points

The OPPO Reno5 series will be released on December 10th. As a new series for young fashion groups, there are many highlights. OPPO’s official Weibo today carried out a series of previews around portrait video shooting, introducing the FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system, as well as AI radiant beauty and video enhancement functions.

OPPO released the FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system during the Future Technology Conference some time ago, which is composed of two engines: portrait perception and image quality enhancement.

Among them, the perceptual portrait can quickly detect the face area by optimizing the network model, mark 296 key points to realize the distinction between facial features and details, and carry out targeted optimization respectively.

The image quality enhancement engine includes a new generation of super anti-shake, super night scene video and video multi-frame HDR. Respectively, it can meet the requirements of high jitter, insufficient light and over-bright scenes to ensure the picture quality and increase the filming rate.

As the first product of the FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system, OPPO Reno5 will undoubtedly bring many surprises in imaging.

The official said that the reason for the translucent skin is in the AI Radiance Video Beauty. The hardware part of OPPO Reno5 uses a 32 million pixel water mirror (front) + 64 million pixel water portrait four shots (rear), with 8 layers of 100-level customized AI beauty algorithm, allowing users to keep in the picture at all times Excited.

OPPO Reno5 is also equipped with AI video enhancement, which can intelligently recognize the light situation when taking pictures through AI, and then adjust the video parameters through optimized algorithms.

This technology allows users to shoot video content with good results without having to make too many adjustments to the video quality when shooting, and without deliberately finding a suitable location and environment for the photo.

In addition to the video module carried by OPPO Reno5, the above several technologies are also inseparable from other hardware and software. For example, AI calculations need to use the artificial intelligence engine and hardware built into the processor to achieve millisecond-level picture optimization and meet the needs of video recording.

In addition, OPPO Reno5 has also made a lot of adjustments from the system to the software. The ColorOS system onboard allows users to use more resources when taking pictures through better hardware deployment. In addition, OPPO’s imaging technology will not only be used for self-photographing applications, but will also be open to three-party partners, so that users can more conveniently shoot high-quality content.

The first FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system and equipped with multiple AI video optimization functions, OPPO Reno5 will be officially released on December 10. It is believed that this series will bring a better image experience and fully solve the pain points of portrait video.