Revolutionary point of interaction: Xiaomi UWB technology released

This morning, Xiaomi officially announced its entry into the UWB field.

UWB stands for Ultra Wide Band (Ultra Wide Band), which is a new generation connection technology with ultra-precise positioning. Related equipment can realize short-distance centimeter-level positioning, and the angle measurement accuracy can reach ±3°, just like the high-precision version of “Indoor GPS”. In terms of security, the UWB signal itself is difficult to intercept, and at the same time Xiaomi has adopted a distance algorithm to form a double insurance.

In terms of specific applications, Xiaomi mainly mentioned the control of smart homes, which the official calls “a revolutionary way of pointing interaction.”

Because UWB technology supports accurate positioning, users only need to point their mobile phone at the smart device, and the control interface will automatically pop up. Turn on the TV, color the desk lamp, select songs and view lyrics, all with one finger.

In any interface of the mobile phone, pointing at the smart device to perform gesture operations, you can automatically send the current screen to smart devices such as Xiaomi TV, touch screen speakers, and Xiaomi notebooks.

It is not difficult to predict that in the near future, Xiaomi mobile phones and Xiaomi ecological chain smart homes will begin to support UWB technology.

In the future, Xiaomi UWB will also realize non-inductive linkage, such as automatically unlocking when approaching the car door, automatically swiping the card when passing through the gate, etc. Xiaomi said that UWB technology will complement Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to meet users’ wireless connection needs in different scenarios.

It is reported that in addition to Xiaomi, Apple and Samsung also focus on UWB technology and have launched related products, such as iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra.