Roborock T7/T7 Pro let the sweeping robot enter the "electric control" era

More than two decades have passed since the emergence of the world's first sweeping robot, and the shape of sweeping robots has also been constantly changing, from the initial behemoth to today's small and exquisite, from the original single replacement broom to today's sweeping and mopping integration, with increasingly powerful functions.

However, I believe that many users who have used sweeping robots with a mopping function have encountered the following problems: the mop is not clean and the mop is overflowing. Facing a stain, I dragged it several times, and finally had to manually clean it with a cloth; the water seepage is difficult to control, or the drag is not clean, or the water is flooded, especially when it is stuck during cleaning, it is easy to soak without manual intervention Bad wooden floors. In view of the above problems, Stone T7/T7 Pro specifically uses a constant pressure spring + an electronically controlled water tank to solve it.

The down force determines the cleaning effect of the sweeping robot. If the down force is too small, the stains are still there after dragging it several times. The down force is too high, and the robot runs with high resistance, which not only consumes more electricity but also slips easily. It has been tested by Rock Technology In the end, I chose to use a double spring to pressurize, with a double-effect microfiber mop, under this pressure, it can easily scoop up dirt and wet the mopping area to be larger and cleaner.

Rock T7/T7 Pro adopts a new top-mounted water tank design, and the water tank can be easily installed or removed on the top of the robot. The capacity of the water tank has reached 297ml. Adding water at one time can clean a 200-square-meter room. The electronically controlled water tank adopts an anti-clogging micro-control peristaltic pump + precision filter screen, which greatly reduces the probability of failure of the water outlet system. At the same time, thanks to the electronic control, you can not only customize the water output when mopping the floor, but also set and customize your own Clean program. Of course, when the user sets the water volume in a certain room to off, when the cleaning starts, T7 will first clean the room first without spraying water. After completing the cleaning of the room, quickly wet the mop and put it into the wet mop. room.

The electronically controlled water tank + constant-pressure spring demonstrates the stone's excellence in the simple matter of "sweeping the floor", allowing science and technology to truly serve and facilitate mankind.