Rotary engine returns, Mazda will soon release extended range MX-30

Speaking of Mazda, everyone might think of the ultimate control of the unity of man and horse. But Mazda has another unique skill, that is the rotary engine.

Due to material limitations, rotary engines have not yet been popularized. Once the output end rotates, there will be 3 injections and 3 ignitions. The cylinder body wears fast and the maintenance cost is very high. And the shortcomings of poor airtightness make its fuel consumption data very ugly. 1.3L displacement, 3.1L power, and 5.0L fuel consumption are no jokes.

Although there are many shortcomings, the feeling of shifting gears at 10,000 rpm still makes many fans rush.

Once Mazda promised to return the rotary engine to the civilian market, now it is finally here. In its financial report in November last year, Mazda claimed to introduce the rotary engine into the extended-range hybrid system. The first model equipped with this system is the extended version of the MX-30.

Since the pure electric version of the MX-30 battery pack is only 35.5kWh, the battery life is only 124 miles.

Mazda hopes that after adding the extended program system, it will be able to double the cruising range to 248 miles, about 400 kilometers, and reduce users’ anxiety about battery life.

Does the return of the rotary engine mean that fans can experience the exciting driving pleasure again?

Actually not, according to previous news. The displacement of the rotary engine of this extended-range system is only 0.333L, which is far lower than the mass-produced version on the RX-8. But as long as it is a car built by Mazda, it should not be too boring.