Rouyu Folding Screen Phone FlexPai2 Review: The third-generation Cicada Wing fully flexible screen can be bent without damage

[TechWeb Evaluation] With the continuous development of smart phones, people’s demand for large screens has become more and more obvious. This has led to the birth of various screen forms such as notch screens, water drop screens and even digging screens. The proportion of mobile phone screens is getting closer and closer to 100%, and the space for improvement in the future is getting smaller and smaller. In order to further meet the needs of users for large screens, while also being able to solve the pain points of inconvenience caused by large screens, folding screen phones are gradually Began to become an important direction for the future development of the mobile phone industry.

In October 2018, the launch of FlexPai, Royole's first folding screen mobile phone, meant that the world's first foldable screen mobile phone was officially born, giving consumers a new choice in the era of full-screen mobile phones. Then Huawei, Samsung and other well-known mobile phone brands have launched folding screen phones, further making folding screen phones the hottest topic in the industry. A few days ago, Rouyu Technology released the second-generation folding screen mobile phone FlexPai 2. Compared with the first-generation mobile phone FlexPai two years ago, the design, performance and experience of the new mobile phone have been significantly improved. The starting price of 9988 yuan (USD $1427) makes it the only 5G folding screen phone currently priced at less than 10,000 yuan (USD $1429) . So what is the actual experience of the machine? Is the folding screen safe and reliable? Let's take a look together.

The third-generation Cicada Wing fully flexible screen is not damaged after 1.8 million bends

For folding screen mobile phones, how to solve technical problems such as screen wrinkles, bending cracks, and display failure is the key, and the screen and hinge naturally become the core breakthrough point of the folding screen mobile phone. Rouyu's new generation of folding screen mobile phone FlexPai 2 has carried out targeted upgrades in these aspects.

The first is the screen. FlexPai 2 uses a 7.8-inch third-generation Cicada Wing fully flexible screen that breaks the limit of the mobile phone screen. The bending radius can reach as low as 1mm. It has a mirror-like flatness and will not crease after long-term use.

Don't underestimate this screen. It uses the ultra-low temperature non-silicon process integration technology (ULT-NSSP) developed by Royole Technology, which effectively streamlines the core process of flexible display panels, making mass production yields and reliable product bending. The performance has been greatly improved, and it has passed the authoritative test certification of the Chinese Academy of Metrology. It can withstand 1.8 million times of 0 to 180° reciprocating bending without damage.

You know, the number of times that similar flexible screens can be folded in the current market is mostly within 200,000 to 300,000 times. It can be seen that Rouyu's third-generation cicada wing flexible screen is much more than other manufacturers, almost reaching the level of rolling.

In terms of display effect, the third-generation cicada wing fully flexible screen used in FlexPai 2 has a brightness 1.5 times higher than that of the second generation; the response speed reaches 0.4ms, which is 1.2 times higher than the second generation; the contrast is 5 times higher than the second generation . Low color shift is 1.5 times better than competing products, and brightness attenuation optimization is 3.5 times better than competing products. Whether it plays 21:9 or 4:3 movies, FlexPai 2 is the folding screen mobile phone with the highest video-to-body ratio, and is equipped with dual speakers, which can achieve true stereo sound, large screen viewing, and immersive sound.

Royole 3S fully closed linear axis 0-180° free hovering at any angle

In terms of hinges that are equally vital, FlexPai 2 uses precision components and top metal materials, and thanks to the 211 patents accumulated over the years, it can achieve 0° closure and stepless parking at any angle, greatly improving FlexPai 2 use experience.

It is worth noting that Royole adopts the maturity of Royole 3S fully closed linear shaft, which can trigger the self-locking mechanism during the fall process, so that more than 200 parts are locked at once, ensuring the safety of the screen.

Best mobile productivity tool for Snapdragon 865 mobile platform

FlexPai 2 has a flagship configuration and is equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 mobile platform. It can exert excellent performance in any scenario and become the best mobile productivity tool for users, allowing users to face any situation with ease. At the same time, as a cutting-edge technology product in the 5G era, FlexPai 2 can support NSA and SA networking modes, dual card dual standby, 7 modes and 47 frequencies, of which 5G has 9 frequencies, and supports the main network frequency bands of core operators around the world to satisfy users worldwide Travel demand. It also supports 5G message push and reception.

Although for such a flagship product, there is basically no suspense in terms of game performance, we still tested it through the mainstream "Peace Elite" mobile game.

In the test, we set the picture to ultra-high-definition picture quality + ultra-high frame rate. The machine can easily achieve full frame performance throughout the game. The scenes such as opening and closing doors, shooting, driving, and switching perspectives during the game are very Smooth, without the slightest stutter.

64 million ultra-sensitive four-camera fully covers daily imaging needs

FlexPai 2 is equipped with a 64 million pixel ultra-sensitive wide-angle camera (1/1.72 inch large size sensor) + 32 million pixel portrait selfie camera + 16 million pixel ultra-wide/macro lens (116 ° wide angle), + 8 million pixel telephoto camera ( 3x zoom) flagship 4-camera camera module, and develop a variety of camera functions based on different forms of folding screen phones.

Next, let's take a look at how FlexPai 2 actually performs in shooting.

Day proof:

In a well-lit scene, thanks to the blessing of the 64 million ultra-sensitive lens, the machine can restore the white balance more accurately, and the color reproduction, overall resolution and tolerance are also high, which can not only restore what the human eye sees. The real details, brightness and color can also be polished to a certain degree to bring a clearer and more layered image picture, giving the picture stronger vitality on the basis of ensuring the reality of what the human eye sees.

△ Standard mode

△ Ultra wide-angle mode

In terms of wide-angle proofs performance, FlexPai 2 is also very good. The machine is equipped with a 16-megapixel 116° ultra-wide-angle lens. Compared with the standard mode, the field of view is almost doubled. It can also take more shocking photos in a limited space. . Judging from the above proofs, the buildings in the ultra-wide-angle mode are more upright, and when shooting large scenes, they can present a broader and shocking perspective. At the same time, combined with advanced distortion correction algorithms, it effectively avoids the picture distortion caused by the wide-angle and presents a more natural and real effect.

Night proofs:

Also thanks to the blessing of the 64 million super-sensitive lens and the 1/1.72 inch large-size sensor, the sensitivity of FlexPai 2 has been greatly improved. Even in low-light environments, it can also take clear, bright and high-quality night photos with dark parts. The details and highlight suppression also have better performance, and the noise control is better, so you can easily take a more perfect night scene proof.

Equipped with waterOS 2.0 system for a new interactive experience for folding screens

As a brand-new mobile phone form, the huge innovation in appearance is bound to put forward subversive changes to the system interaction. No matter the current folding screen mobile phone adopts "outside folding" or "inside folding" design, it is more or less in terms of software interaction. There are few problems, and in many aspects it is difficult to reflect the advantages of flexible switching between the size of the folding screen mobile phone.

FlexPai 2 is equipped with a brand new waterOS 2.0 system, which is uniquely developed for the characteristics of folding screen mobile phones. It provides special features such as fast multi-split screen, FFS touch, smart sidebar, and side curved screen. ">"Mobile" + "PAD", rich in unique functions, empowering business scenarios, and bringing another possibility for light business people.

Fast multi-split screen + FFS touch

The waterOS 2.0 system equipped with FlexPai 2 supports fast multi-screen splitting function. After turning on the "smart touch" function in the settings, you can double-click/operate to achieve functions such as on/off screen, fast split screen, volume adjustment, etc. The problem of constant control caused by the large screen makes the operation of the machine very convenient.

Among them, FlexPai 2’s multi-split screen features include large-screen horizontal and large-screen vertical. On the basis of the previous first-generation FlexPai support for dual-screen, FlexPai 2 can achieve three-screen splits. Use memos to record, and you can also conduct video conferences-multitasking challenges, calmly deal with.

Smart sidebar + side curved screen

FlexPai 2 provides a smart sidebar function, which supports quick opening/switching of applications regardless of the large screen or the small screen. The smart sidebar is used for the large screen, and the side curved screen is used for the small screen. It is worth noting that the shortcut function can be customized by the user.

Smart flip screen

In the folded state, FlexPai 2 can quickly flip the screen. When the auto flip is turned on, the up-facing screen automatically lights up after flipping. To turn off the automatic flip state, you can slide three fingers to the left or right to switch the application interface to the back screen. When watching a video, simply flip the vertical screen to the horizontal screen to automatically switch to the full screen.

Flexible application ecology

As a new species, folding screen mobile phones also bring another possibility in the ecology of mobile phone applications. At present, many apps have been adapted to FlexPai 2 to create a flexible application ecosystem. For example, the adaptation of WeChat APP with over 1 billion users has been realized; at the same time, WeChat dual opening can also be realized.

In addition, FlexPai 2 can also implement system-level anti-harassment, secure payment, Rouyu cloud backup, mobile phone search, location, data erasure and other functions, escorting business office and information security.

4450mAh large-capacity battery and large screen also have long battery life

As a 5G large-screen product, its battery life is naturally a major issue that users are concerned about. The new FlexPai 2 folding screen mobile phone has a built-in 4450mAh high-capacity battery and supports up to 27W fast charging.

Let's take a look at the actual test performance of the aircraft on battery life and fast charging.


△ Endurance test

In the endurance test, we simulated several common usage scenarios in daily use (all under 7.8-inch full-screen display), including 30 minutes of "Peace Elite", 30 minutes of video calls, 30 minutes of reading, 30 minutes of listening to music, and 30 Minutes of online video, a total of 150 minutes of continuous battery life test. After the test, the remaining power is as high as 70%. Based on this calculation, FlexPai 2 can basically meet online "eating chicken" for 5 hours, online video watching for 6 hours, online reading for about 15 hours, and continuous video calls for 6 hours. This performance is in all 5G The mobile phone is also of a relatively good level, and it is even better for a folding screen mobile phone that can be used as a tablet.

to sum up:

FlexPai 2 relies on independent technologies such as the third-generation Cicada Wings fully flexible screen and Royole 3S fully-closed linear hinge, making the machine both large screen and portable. In addition to the functions of traditional direct-screen mobile phones, this phone can also solve basic office scenarios, which is more suitable for users who cannot be solved by ordinary smart phones such as business, design, and professional conference calls, watching PPT, modifying articles, and multitasking at the same time. Demand, while inspiring more scenarios. The starting price of 9988 yuan (USD $1427) makes it the only 5G folding screen mobile phone in the industry with a price of less than 10,000 yuan (USD $1429) , which will help attract demand and wait-and-see users to start, and it is more conducive to the advancement and popularization of folding screen mobile phones.